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Amare Stoudemire Hoping BIG3 Play Will Lead To NBA Comeback



Amar’e Stoudemire is looking to return to the NBA, where he spent 14 years, and is looking at BIG3 to serve as his spring board to do so.

Stoudemire retired from the NBA in July of 2016, but he is now taking part in Ice Cube’s immensely popular BIG3 league, which just announced that they are heading to South Florida.

Stoudemire is hoping to get back to the NBA.

“I’m definitely going to make that push,” Stoudemire said, according to the Miami Herald’s Jordan McPherson. “Hopefully, that becomes reality.”

“My body just started to feel so good that I thought I have to make it back to the NBA,” Stoudemire continued. “I retired early to live overseas. I always wanted to live in Israel for one year. I retired early to accomplish that, but now that I accomplished that, I want to make my way back to the NBA.”

While Stoudemire isn’t the superstar he once was, he is hopeful that his veteran leadership can help an NBA team in need.

“I feel like there are a lot of teams out there that can use that, but I think at the moment teams are working on signing free agents so I’m probably going to fall down on the totem pole a bit until teams are ready to sign people who are on the lower scale as far as contracts are concerned.”


EA, 2K Sports Interested in BIG3 Video Game



BIG3 founder Ice Cube, along with commissioner Clyde Drexler, claim that both 2K Sports and EA Sports have expressed a level of interest in developing a video-game based on the BIG3 basketball league.

“At first, they said no,” Drexler said, according to Basketball Society Online’s Brandon Robinson. “But now they are saying this has some weight and legs and they want to be a part of it. We would love to have a Big 3 on 2K Sports or EA Sports, it’s our dream because we want to grow the game and make it a global sport.”

“Now, they are interested in talking with us and we plan on discussing details with the companies that we have been approached by and we understand that we are ahead of the curve” Ice Cube said.

“It takes time for people to catch up and we don’t mind it; we will wait for them to catch up.”

BIG3 has made incredible strides over the first 2 years of it’s existence, with a television deal with FOX, and more former NBA players joining the fray.

A video game version of the league would certainly offer a different experience for fans, and provide a creative alternative to mainstays such as NBA2K and NBA Live.

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