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SIX PACKS ON ICE, NHL BLOG: Overtime Thriller Favors Kings

Game one is over and it’s already an exciting series!

What more could you ask for?! It ended in overtime!

Oh yea, you could ask for more shots on goal from the Los Angeles Kings during the powerplay and fewer turnovers by both teams, but hey, I’m just glad the Kings came out on top this time.

The last minute of regulation was amazing. If you could stay in your seat during that, props to you. I, however, could not and was shouting at the top of my lungs at the TV.

How about that Justin Williams?!? He knows how to come through when it’s needed, huh?! Kind of reminding me of another player who I would say is clinch, Patrick Kane.

Just look at Williams’ face and it’ll melt your little heart away.

AWWWW. To be honest, I might have had my doubts about the Kings at first in this game. To let in two goals so fast in the first period, well it was shocking to me. Right when I was repeating, “There’s two more periods. There’s two more periods,” over and over in my head, the Kings scored! In the end, the Kings just had the better team in game one. I have to give it to the Rangers though, they played extremely hard and physical.

As for Lundqvist and Quick, well it’s truly exciting to watch them play. Despite your opinions of them, they probably make some of the prettiest saves in the league.

Going into the first game, I believed the Rangers were going to win. I’m still leaning toward them, but I’m rooting for the Kings. Don’t get it twisted! Whatever happens, I think this is going to go to either game six or seven and it’s going to be awesome the whole time!

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