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SPORTS BABE OF THE DAY: Spencer Moore, Fullback, Saskatchewan Roughriders, 101st Grey Cup Champions

SPORTS BABE OF THE DAY: Spencer Moore, Fullback, Saskatchewan Roughriders, 101st Grey Cup Champions @spencermoore80

Spencer Moore started his football career as a member of the special teams at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. He was a part of the 47th Vanier Cup in 2011, where he and the McMaster Marauders made history in Vancover, British Columbia. Not only was it the first time McMaster had been to the Vanier Cup since 1967, but it was the first time, in the history of McMaster University football, they had won. It was a proud moment, not only for Moore and the men’s football team, but all McMaster students, myself included.

The young player was unexpectedly drafted in the fifth round, 44th overall by the Saskatchewan Roughriders in the 2013 CFL Draft. He was hurled into the world of professional football and hasn’t looked back since. With a Grey Cup Championship already secured on his resume, things can only get better for this young player.

If you’ve ever wanted to rally behind a player that was the whole package, look no further! Spencer Moore is every sports fan’s dream! He’s a beast on the field, a team player and an all around funny guy. Moore’s work ethic, charm and smile are sure to make all of us cheer for Rider Nation, even a Tiger-cats girl like me. But for now, we’ll cheer him on as our Sports Babe of the Day!


1. You studied at McMaster University for three years – going into university, was football always your end game? Or did you have other plans for your future?
I majored in political science at Mac, essentially, a Bachelor of Arts. Football was never really the end game. I’ve always loved to play sports and to be an athlete and I went to Mac to play football but, getting a chance to play in the CFL was kind of a surprise for me at the time. I’m pretty lucky to be doing this so, I’m going to do it for as long as I can. Hopefully, after this career is finished, I can move onto something in my field or related to it.

2. You were a part of the 2011 Vanier Cup Championship team when you played at McMaster University. It was the first time Mac had been there since 1967 – how did it feel to be a part of the team and a part of McMaster history?
That was amazing for a couple a reasons, being a part of history was one of them. Like you said, we hadn’t been there in such a long time. Mac has a good tradition of football and it was nice for us to be the ones who did it. It was also a little more special for me because I didn’t play my first two years at Mac. I was red shirted and didn’t get the opportunity that I thought I deserved but it just so happened that when I played, we had the best team to do it and the best coaching staff. It was nice to win playing my first season in the CIS – just like the CFL.

3. What is your motivation to stay focused?
I think it’s easy because I was hurt for 10 games last season, I pulled my hamstring. The motivation is to always get better. There’s always someone out there that is working just as hard, so you always have to try and out work them. Whatever works for you in the off-season, you have to do it. For me, I like to do a lot of rehab and injury prevention stuff. I find that it works for me and hopefully this season, it will show and I’ll get an opportunity to play a full season and be a contributing member of Rider Nation!

4. What is something that most people don’t know about you?
When I was in elementary school and beginning of high school, I played guitar for a few years. So I can handle a guitar pretty well. The reason I stopped playing is because it’s time consuming when you’re trying to pursue it.
What do you play on your guitar?
Classic rock.
Oh, really?!
Yeah, I’m not bragging or anything! But, if I picked up a guitar, people would be impressed. I don’t look like I’m about to pick up a guitar, so when I pull one out, people give me some looks sometimes – but then I just dazzle them! Don’t put that in there! (Oh, you’re dazzling us alright!)

5. How do you want to be remembered?
As a person, someone who was willing to put other people first. Many of my friends can attest that when they’ve needed me I’ve gone up to bat for them. I’m loyal to those who matter. As an athlete, someone who did whatever was asked of him. It doesn’t matter what others think of you on the field as long as you’re giving all you have. If I’m working my ass, off then I’m working my ass off. What other people think shouldn’t matter.

6. Our readers are dying to know, are you single, dating or locked down?
I am locked down. Long term relationship. It has its ups and downs but it’s always good.

7. What is currently filling up your “recently played” playlist on your iPod?
I found some old CDs from 2004 so, I transferred them to my iPod and the current rotation includes The Carter III, a playlist I dubbed “The Dancing Playlist,” with awful house music, and some Velvet Revolver – terrible, terrible band. I went to North Carolina a couple weeks ago, my friends introduced me to a band called the Broken Bells, they’re up there.

8. I know you played basketball growing up and you’re 6’4 now. Basketball would have been a realistic choice in university, why did you decide to play football?
I played volleyball and I played basketball my whole life, since I was in grade three or four. I was asked to play football by the coaches and I seemed to be better at that from the get go, so when it came time to decide what I wanted to play, it was an easy choice. I was a much better football player than a basketball player! I was a good basketball player, but I was the kind of player who worked hard and would get into arguments and fights for rebounds. Football came more naturally to me and it’s worked out pretty good for me.

9. You have a free pass from your girlfriend, one date – who do you use it on?
Well in the words of Drake, “Jennifer Lawrence, she can really get it”

10. You’re a Hamilton native, like myself, and I know that Tiger-Cats football is extremely prevalent in Hamilton’s culture. You grew up in Hamilton, played university football in Hamilton and now you’re in Saskatchewan. Was there any part of you that thought you could continue your football career in your home town or were you excited for the opportunity to represent a team in a different province?
It was unexpected to be drafted anywhere, so it was nice just to be given the opportunity to play. To say that I didn’t want to play for my home town team would be a lie. Everyone wants to play for where they are from – you have family and friends around you. When it came down to it, Saskatchewan took me and it was awesome to play, especially in a place like that, where football is such a big deal. It’s a smaller province and the fans really rally around the team. It’s amazing to play there with Rider Nation. But, you never know what could happen in the future.

11. If you had to choose, lobster or steak, what would it be?
Steak, I don’t eat seafood.
Cause everything I’ve tried taste like fish.
12. What other sports are you interested in watching, besides football?
I watch everything. Literally, everything. I went to see March Madness in North Carolina. I like hockey, too. Even the video games on Twitch channels and Youtube.
Did you do a bracket this year?
No, but I saw Mercer beat Duke – and it was sick! I also went golfing that week…and I sucked.

13. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?
I want to go to Thailand because I heard it’s a really good time. I mean at this age, that would be the place to go because you can go party and have a good time. When I get older, I want to go to Europe and backpack and live in hostels.

14. What is the most difficult part of being a professional athlete?
It’s a difficult business. You have no job security and no guarantees, You have to constantly be performing and it’s okay because we get to do the things that a lot of people wish they could do. It’s tough mentally, but I’m still young. I haven’t seen the business in its entirety yet.

15. If you had to plan the perfect date with your lady, what would it be?
We would probably go to Toronto, because there is so much to do there. On any given night, there are a million things to do. You can go to a live show, a comedy club, an upscale restaurant or a dive bar. I like the options I have there.

16. What video games do you spend hours playing?
Love video games. NBA 2K14! Or NHL. I usually pick the Raptors, Oklahoma City Thunder or the Chicago Blackhawks. I play…quite a bit. I’ve got a lot of free time.

17. In your first year as a professional football player, your team won the Grey Cup. How did it feel starting your professional career in such a significant way and how do you think that will affect your career going forward?
Winning, in my first year, was pretty special because I got to experience a full CFL season, including playoffs. Winning, especially in Regina, a place that loves the CFL so much, it was really special. Even though I didn’t get to play in that specific game, it was nice to win there because the fans really love and support the team. As far as how it’s going to affect the rest of my career, it was nice to get one out of the way so you know what to expect next time. It’s not a surprise when we get there again. Winning is fun at any level, especially at the professional level, you get to hoist the Grey Cup as a twenty-three year old – that’s pretty amazing. It was awesome!

18. What was your first big purchase after going pro?
My car that I bought myself, three months ago. It was a grey cup present to myself. A 2012 Dodge Charger. It was my first car – I’m growing up.

19. Who should our next Sports Babe of the Day be?
For the next Sports Babe of the Day, I recommend my good friend Mike MacNamara. He’s a defenseman for the Colorado Mammoth, in the National Lacrosse League. He played for the Buffalo Bandits last year and this is his first year with Colorado. He’s a great dude and I think you would enjoy a conversation with him. And he’s a babe! That’s totally the criteria, right?

20. Is green your favourite colour?image (8)image (8)image (7)
It is now *wink* image (8)


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