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SIX PACKS ON ICE, NHL BLOG: Teams Stay Alive in Playoffs

It’s coming down to either the Los Angeles Kings or the Chicago Blackhawks versus the New York Rangers or the Montreal Canadiens.

In a perfect world, it would end up being the Kings versus the Canadiens, but that probably won’t happen.

The Rangers have gained momentum in the playoffs, but they showed they have a weakness in game five. The Canadiens and the Rangers were almost even with shots on goal, but Rangers’ goaltender Henrik Lundqvist let in four goals in 28:58 minutes.

The Rangers had no choice but to pull Lundqvist and put in Cam Talbot. (Side Note: Cam Talbot attended the University of Alabama in Huntsville, which is in my hometown, so I had to cheer for the Rangers while he was on the ice. Go Talbot!) Talbot let in two goals on eight shots, unfortunately. On the Rangers’ offense, they looked decent. They scored four goals, which normally would be enough to win or at least keep the game interesting. It just wasn’t the case during this game. Montreal sealed the game by tallying an empty-netter to stay alive.

Game six in TONIGHT. The Rangers can end it, but let’s hope the Canadiens remember how they played in game six and remain doing so.

Like I said earlier, in the perfect world the Kings would defeat the Blackhawks. One of the reason I’m cheering for the Kings is because of the respect they showed to Teemu Selanne after they defeated the Ducks. Also, I really don’t want the same team to become the back-to-back Stanley Cup Champions, but that’s just me. L.A. was on a roll after losing in game one, but the Blackhawks weren’t going out without a fight. After taking the game to a second overtime, Chicago ended it with 2:04 left on the scoreboard.

Game six between L.A. and Chicago is set for May 30. I think it’ll be an exciting game!

The exciting thing about these playoffs is just when you think a team is out of it, they show why they’re round three. These four team are demonstrating what it takes to become Stanley Cup Champions. Besides their time on the ice, their passion for the game is showing as well.

Going into this round, I honestly didn’t really care about any of the four teams but after watching them, I’ve come to scream my lungs out for them. It’s truly an exciting time to be watching the best sport in the world, HOCKEY!

The Washington Capitals recently announced former Nashville head coach Barry Trotz as their new head coach. For those who aren’t aware, the Caps are my favorite team. I’m still very unsure about all of this. I think it was the right time for the organization to let Adam Oates go. I think Trotz’s defensive style will be very beneficial, but I’m still debating about this all. I’m going to stay positive about it all. I loved watching Trotz in Nashville during my trips there to watch the Capitals play mainly. I think Trotz has everything he needs to make the Caps a big contender in the next Stanley Cup playoffs so that’s what I’m going to be hoping for.

Who do you think will become the Stanley Cup Champion?

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