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3rd & 10: NFL Offseason News

The slow season is nearly upon us and that is very evident in the football world.
It’s mostly just arrests, lawsuits and Aaron Hernandez.
Nevertheless, I will attempt to regal you with tales of splendor surrounding the National Football League.

Dan Marino Jumps On the Wagon
The lawsuit wagon that is. There are now 5000 former NFL players suing the NFL for negative effects from concussions. Marino’s joining the suit doesn’t really speed anything up but it does show that the $765 million settlement will not be enough to cover all current and future players who may sign on too. The specific injuries affecting Marino have not been revealed. However, in 1992, in a game against the Seahawks, Marino was on the sideline and did not know where he was, yet he was cleared for play and returned to the game. So, you know, that might be the start of it.

The Giants Made Some Moves
The Giants released two players recently. Both Josh Freeman and Will Hill were let go. Josh Freeman was released a month after he was signed. His 2010 performance is far behind him now. The fact that the Giants released him before the preseason has started is not a good sign. Freeman’s meltdown in Minnesota and the drama in Tampa Bay is still fresh on everyone’s mind. Will Hill was waived after his third suspension in two years. He was recently suspended for six games after he violated policy on substance abuse. He just can’t stay away from that green. In other news, Curtis Painter is STILL a giant. Moving on.Maybe EJ Manuel Will be the Comeback Player of the Year
Everything depends on this guy. Buffalo needs Manuel to breathe fire and hurtle over defensive players. After his knee surgeries Buffalo has collectively been holding it’s breathe. Turns out EJ has been training with Colin Kaepernick this offseason. Seems weird to me-but Colin’s known for being a beast in the gym during his offseason, so perhaps EJ has benefited. Either way, EJ has reported that he is feeling 100%.
Tim Tebow is the Glitter of the NFL World
By that I mean he will never leave, ever.
He’s stuck to this league and his name will haunt football articles till the end of days. As it turns out Tebow is staying in shape and still looking to rejoin the NFL. He also says he is the best that he’s ever been right now. It’s 2014 Tebow, calm yourself, 2011 is not looking for you.A NFL Franchise in London?
Arthur Black the owner of the Atlanta Falcons gave up a home game to have his team in London. He believes that the success of the games played there so far are a great start towards expansion into Europe. All of the games scheduled for London did sell out so there is an interest. Arthur thinks that there will eventually be more than one NFL franchise there.
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