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In the ECHL, it’s common to have players come and go quickly.

Fans and teams get used to it. A player comes along, you think they’re going to make a big impact but before you know it, they’ve been called up. Such in life in the smaller leagues.

But when you find a team you love, you just assume they’re there to stay. The roster may change a bunch, but you’ll still have that team to support. Unfortunately, sometimes that even changes.

When that happens though, you can bet a support system will be in place. The hockey world is like a family. On game days, fans of opposing teams may talk trash, but in the end it’s understood we cheer for the same thing. So when I was browsing through Twitter the other day and saw what Stockton had done for San Francisco, I was proud to say I was a part of this hockey family.

For those who aren’t aware, the San Francisco Bulls abruptly ceased operations in the middle of their season Jan. 27. It was definitely a sad moment in the ECHL’s history.

Now, Stockton has made a video to honor their former rival.

Some may think the video is a little sappy, but we think it’s awesome. We were all sad when the Bulls announced they were no more. We’re happy Stockton made the video to honor the former program and everything they accomplished.

While we spoke of teams folding, the league is always expanding as well. One new market for the ECHL will be Indianapolis. That’s right! Indianapolis is going to have an ECHL team next season — the Indy Fuel. We think this is beyond epic! The town of Indianapolis already stands out with a variety of sports teams and the Indy 500, but now they have the Indy Fuel. And don’t even get me started about how awesome I think their team name is.

It’s going to be a change, but we think it will be a good one. The Indy Fuel have already have 3,325 followers on Twitter and are sure to have many more by the time they hit the ice.

The Fuel will play at the Fairgrounds Coliseum, which is located on the Indiana State Fairgrounds. The coliseum can host about 8,200 people. Some of you may even remember the Checkers, who used to play there in the CHL.

So in the end, teams, like players, come and go in the ECHL. We’re crossing our fingers that the Fuel last.


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