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Babes Dig Balls Beered-Up SUPER BOWL Drinking Game

Babes Dig Balls Beered-Up SUPER BOWL Drinking Game

Want to take your Super Bowl experience to another level? We here at Babes Dig Balls have just the thing for you! The Super Bowl edition of our infamous drinking game.

Before we get in to the good stuff let’s take a moment to be responsible adults (we know that’s hard for some of you) and encourage you to drink responsibly. Hopefully, you’ll be enjoying this game with some great people who will let you crash at their place or call a cab should you “lose” this game. We also advise that you keep the snacks coming and a bathroom close because you are going to need it!

Now, on to the fun stuff…the drinking rules!

Everyone needs to start out by picking who they will root for. Who will take home the trophy? Will it be Sheriff Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos or will it be the Legion of Boom and those Seattle Seahawks?

1 Drink:

  • Anytime you hear “OMAHA”, “SKITTLES”, “BACK IN MY DAY”, ”PRO BOWLER”, “MVP” or ”LEGION OF BOOM”…drink.
  • For every touchdown the opposing team scores…drink.
  • If the kicker misses the extra point EVERYONE…drink.
  • If the kicker makes the extra point those for the opposing team… shot.
  • Every time the opposing team makes a field goal…shot.
  • Every time a penalty flag is thrown…drink.
  • For every touchdown dance…drink.


Let’s up the ante…

3 drinks

For every interception, regardless of the team, take 3 drinks (or 1 shot).

When an onside kick is recovered by the kicking team, take 3 drinks (or 1 shot).

If an onside kick is recovered by the receiving team, take 3 drinks (or 1 shot).

If ANY team comes up with a safety, take 3 drinks or 1 shot).

For every 3rd and long conversion, take 3 drinks (or 1 shot).


6 drinks

Every time a coach challenges a play, you must decide if he will win or lose the challenge. If you called it correctly, then YOU give out 3 drinks to anyone of your choice. You can split it up among three friends or give them all to one friend. If you called it incorrectly, YOU must take 6 drinks (or 2 shots).

For every unpredictable play like a Hail Mary, Punter/Kicker saves the play or a lineman scores a touchdown, take 6 drinks (or 2 shots).

For every play with 20 or more yards gained on one play, take 6 drinks (or 2 shots).

Every time the team you picked punts the ball, take 6 drinks (or 2 shots).



Now, let’s kick it up ONE MORE notch…

If someone misses a drink because they were in the bathroom, they have to take double the amount of drinks that they were supposed to.

If ANY player is injured, take 8 drinks or 4 shots.


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