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SPORTS BABY OF THE DAY: Kid Raptor, NBA Reporter for KiSS 92.5 FM

This is a first for Babes Dig Balls! Kid Raptor isn’t our Sports Babe of the Day… he’s our Sports BABY of the Day! At 7 years old, Kid Raptor has high hopes to play in the NBA someday (preferably for the Raptors), but before he gets to that, he loves to dedicate his time to cheering on his favorite team!

At the age of 3, Kid Raptor began sharing his Raptors post-game reports every morning on KiSS 92.5 FM, on the Roz & Mocha Morning Show. He has also made several guest-appearances on NBA TV and the TV show “RAPTORSPACE”, where he made his debut as a co-host, alongside Akil Augustine, for their “Best Plays of the Year: 2010” episode. He’s a fan-favorite at games, and the DancePak ladies just happen to love the little guy!


25 Questions with KID RAPTOR

1) What sports do you play?
Basketball & Soccer

3) Who influences you the most, while you’re playing basketball?
Michael Jordan.

2) What makes Basketball your favorite sport?
Crossing over opponents and breaking ankles. 🙂

Kid Raptor and the Raptor4) If you could coach the Raptors for the day, what would you tell them before a game?

Don’t be nervous, just dribble, drive and take it to the hole.

5) Do you remember your first Raptors Game?
No, I was only 1 year old, but I remember every game after that!

6) Who are your top 5 favorite players in the NBA?
DeMar DeRozan, Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Allen Iverson (I had to pick six) :p

7) What has been your best basketball-related memory, to date?
I have so many basketball memories, but one of the most recent is making my first rep basketball team.

8) Who likes basketball more, you, or your daddy?
Me! I can play, he can’t.

9) If you could coach your own basketball team with any NBA players on it, who would your starters be?
Allen Iverson, Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Charles Barkely and Dwight Howard.

10) If you could nominate someone to be a Sports Babe of the Day on Babes Dig Balls, who would it be?
Kat – She’s the Raptors TV Hostess.

11) She used to be Captain of their DancePak too! Speaking of the Raptor’s Dancers, you have some pretty sweet dance moves! Did you learn any of them from the DancePak?
They would be great teachers, but most of my moves are natural. 😉

12) Are you superstitious when it comes to watching basketball games? Do you have any lucky charms?
I like wearing mismatched socks – usually works. You should try it. 😉

13) Do you want to play in the NBA someday?
Of course. I’ve learned height doesn’t matter.

14) What would your Jersey Number be, if you were in the NBA?
92 because of the radio station I’m on – Kiss 92.5 Roz & Mocha Show “What what!”

Kid Raptor ACC

15) If you were in charge of getting everyone amped up in the locker room, what are the top three songs you’d play for them?
“Basketball” by Lil Bow Wow
“Whoomp There It Is” by Tag Team
“What Does The Fox Say” by Ylvis

16) If you could go to any cities that have NBA teams, to watch the Raptors play, what three teams would you want to watch them play against the most?
Miami Heat, LA Lakers, and Oklahoma City Thunder.

17) What players would you like to see traded to play on the Raptors?
I’d like to have Lebron James on our team, but it would be nice to get Andrew Wiggins as a draft pick.

18) What is your favorite part about being on the radio?
Sharing my Raptors news to the world, meeting all the amazing fans and getting followers on Twitter!

19) What is your favorite part about being on TV?
Watching myself on TV is pretty cool.

20) Who is the coolest person or celebrity that you’ve met so far?
Adam Lambert. We played a little ball together. I won. =)

21) So, Kid Raptor, we ask all of our interviews if they are single or dating, but I’m thinking you may be a little young to date… do you have a crush on anyone?
Maybe when I’m older I can meet Ariana Grande.


Chocolate or Vanilla Ice Cream
VANILLA all the way! Not a fan of chocolate. ;p

Rap or Rock
Rap because I know Kardinal Offishall 😉

Smooth or Crunchy Peanut Butter
I’m not allergic to peanut butter, but I’d rather do without.

Cats or Dogs
Puppies. Lots of cute little puppies!

Twitter or Facebook
Twitter! Follow me @KID_RAPTOR 😉

Sun or Snow
Sun in the summer, snow in the winter!

Salty or Sweet

The ladies can’t wait to see Kid Raptor GO PRO! He’ll be in the NBA someday, we know it!


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