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Week 14: SNOW BOWL

Week 14 was amazing. The craziest things happened on Funday Sunday and the huge amount of snow partially to blame. Although, the amazingness of football is really the winner here. Today’s list is snow themed. The best moments in the snow in Week 14 of the NFL.

1. The entirety of the Detroit Lions vs Philly Eagles game

Riley Cooper, Chris HoustonDetroit Lions v Philadelphia Eagles

So much snow. So much mayhem. LeSean McCoy destroyed a Lion’s D that looked like it was from Florida. Chip Kelly’s Cinderella run continued. The Eagles offensive line opened up some huge holes that allowed McCoy to break the team’s rushing record and look otherwise like a beast. He also did the TeRio dance in the endzone again.
The Lion’s fumbled SEVEN times and Stafford’s face made NFLers smile everywhere.


2. The Silence Inside the Redskins Organization



Actually, this was awful. The Chiefs dusted the Redskins and beat down the final nail in Mike Shanahan’s career in Washington. Before the game started a report was leaked that stated that Shanahan wanted to quit the Redskins last season because of Dan Synder. There was also a rumor that Shanahan wanted out of Redskins to pursue a job with the Texans. Snyder said nothing. Allen hasn’t made a peep. Shanahan and RG3 said something without really saying anything.
The 45-10 score against the Chiefs in front of the smallest crowd since 1997 in Redskins history said volumes.
See ya Sha nay-nay.



3. The Lateral Play
Five-lateral play. Six sets of hands. No time left on the clock.
It should have been the game winner for the Steelers against the Dolphins.
But Antonio Brown’s left foot screwed the whole damn thing up.
It was the kind of play that made you stomp your foot, smack the table and do a small dance.
There are various Tomlin Karma tweets about why this play went South.
I chose to believe that this is just the Steeler’s season.



4. This Sonic
They apologized.




5. The Ravens Fans

The Vikings season has been a total disaster. The only bright spot has really been Peterson.
On Sunday Peterson went down with a right foot injury. He didn’t go quietly as he spoke out against the Ravens fans saying that they were the worst fans in the league. The fans threw snowballs for the entire 4th quarter. He also questioned the officiating of the game. There were two extremely questionable goals. Tony Gerhart’s fumble was called not a fumble, and there was a late pass interference call on the Vike’s Greenway.

In summary, being a Vikings fan is the worst.



This isn’t on the list. I feel awful for Gronk. Since signing his contract he has had 4 arm surgeries, a back surgery and now a torn ACL. The Patriots are going to have to change up their game plan now that they are, once again missing Gronk. This is huge loss for the Patriots, but considering the last drive of the game on Sunday-Brady will find a way.



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