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3rd & 10: The Battle of the Back Up

The Battle of the Back Up

In the NFL preseason there are a battles going on outside of just winning the game. Besides, it’s preseason- these games don’t count anyways. In order to avoid a huge rundown of the entire rosters of various teams I’m going to take a look at the back up quarterbacks of teams chosen based on my own preference. Suck it, it is my column and i will write about who I want to.

Buffalo Bills-Jeff Tuel
I am sorry Buffalo. Tuel, pronounced Tool, is no diamond in the rough. He was 4-22 in 26 starts at Washington State. He went un-drafted. He was worked out by the Pats but they passed on him for Tebow. He was only brought onto the Bills due to injury and will most likely crumble into dust against the Patriots. Unless, for some reason, Tebow calls on another miracle and Brady’s knee internally combusts..

New England Patriots- Ryan Mallet
It’s not Tebow. Put your fantasy fiction away. This kid has been born and breed into the Brady system. He’s developing the mechanics to make him a viable part of the offense, but of course- he’s no Brady.Is he better than Jeff Tuel? Of course he is.

49ers- Colt McCoy
Oh Colt. I remember making fun of you not so long ago. Yet, McCoy has been given the status as official back up QB. This was an odd one. He was never amazing with the Browns and it seemed like he would be traded after a lackluster preseason start with the 49ers. Yet, he’s sticking it out. His numbers are 17-of-28 for 185 passing yards, 3 interceptions and no touchdowns. However, he took a pay cut. Does Wallace make more sense? Probably, but hey, money is money.

Redskins-Kirk Cousins

Cousins has been the captain of the Redskins while RG3 rehabs. While other than that time that Grossman came in against the Bills- but we aren’t here to talk about Grossman. Cousins will be back for the opener and continue his talented ways. Yes, RG3 is the franchise boy, and better than Cousins-but Cousins could be a starter anywhere but in Washington..which considering the state of the NFL is either a compliment or makes him equal to Jeff Tuel.

(it’s a compliment).

Seahawks- T & B
Tarvaris Jackson & Brady Quinn. Both these boys played really well in preseason. Against the Chargers they had well executed TDs. In Week 3 Quinn had 5-of-8 passes for 89 yards and only a single moment of Quinning (not the urban dictionary definition). Both are viable back ups for WIlson who threw a little interception this week-tsk tsk.

Packers-Vince Young
Did I just write that? I know. I am not sure what is happening either. I mean, i once wrote that he should play for sandwiches. However, he looked good in Week 3. He was 6-of-7 passing for 41 yards, with a rating of 130.7. Did he outplay Graham Harrell? Yesh. Yesh he did.

And with that my brain is imploding the way Tom Brady’s knee just might this week as Tim Tebow prays to Jesus. So, that is the end of 3rd and to this time kids. Also, this is my last post for awhile because im leaving the country to try my hand at joining the circus.



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