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Top Ten Sexiest Soccer Players In The World

Soccer is the world’s most popular sport and with club and national teams all over Asia, Europe, North and South America, Africa and Australia, there is no doubt a surplus of beautiful athletes. With 90 minutes of running per game, these athletes are in tip-top shape. Add their good looks to their very fit bodies and you get some of the most sexiest athletes in the world from the world’s most beautiful game. With so many players to look through, we decided to give you our list of the Top Ten Sexiest Soccer Players in the World. Oh and you’re welcome!
10.Gerard Piquegerard piquePique might be taken by Shakira, but there was no way we could exclude him from out list. At 26 years old, this World Cup champion captured our hearts with his big blue eyes, perfect hair and amazing smile. We can only imagine how good-looking their son will grow up to be. That’s one family with great DNA and probably keeps up with the latest in mens fashion.Current Club : FC Barcelona

9.Dominick Dwyer

dom dwyer

Dwyer may be the only Major League Soccer player on this list but there is no way of denying his good looks. Only 23 years old, Dominick came to the MLS from England and caught our attention with those perfect white teeth, his swag and all those tattoos. We are totally lucky to have this babe stateside.

Current Club: Sporting Kansas City

8. Cesc Fabregas


If soccer does not work out for this 26-year-old, we suggest modeling. Fabregas plays alongside Pique at FC Barcalona although there are talks he might be making a move to Manchester United. His position as an attacking midfielder definitely helped shape those legs and perfect body, and he certainly could offer some valuable grooming tips for men. Oh and we totally love those big brown eyes.

Current Club: FC Barcelona

7.Mario Gomez

mario gomezAt 6’2, Gomez strikes his way straight to our hearts. Gomez has seen tremendous successful on the field with Germany and his GQ looks won over every girl in his native country and all around the world. We can’t wait to see him on the field in the 2014 World Cup.

Current Club: Fiorentina

6. Iker Casillas

iker casillas

Casillas lands our number 6 spot as the world’s most beautiful goal keeper. Goalkeepers are credited for their incredible saves that often result in-game winning matches. Casillas was credited for some of those saves in 2010, when he helped Spain with the World Cup. Oh and he has pretty much won every award possible and has won trophies on every level he has ever played on. Who doesn’t love a sexy goalkeeper?

Current Club: Real Madrid

5.Robert Lewandowski

robert lewandowski

The beautiful Pole, starts off our top 5. At 24 years old, Lewandowski caught our eyes in the 2012 Euro Cup, where the Polish striker proved to be a huge threat to anyone in his way. He later proved this to be true again, when he scored a hat trick on Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid earlier this year. All 6 feet of him are completely babely and make him one of the most sought after forwards.

Current Club: Borrusia Dortmund

4.Lukas Podolski

lukas podolski

Although born in Poland, Podolski has taken Germany by storm. His skills earned him a spot in all Germans hearts but it’s his personable smile that landed him on our list. Like Lewandoski, Podolski is a forward and is credited with scoring the fastest goal in Germany’s history in a 4-2 friendly against Ecuador. It only took him 9 seconds to score which doesn’t surprise us since he was named FIFA World Cup Best Young Player in 2006.

Current Club: Arsenal

3.Yoann Gourcuff

yoann gourcuff

Don’t go mistaking Gourcuff for a model because we assure you he does play soccer but we can totally understand why many would get confused. We can’t help but love his curly brown locks and deep piercing eyes. Chanel and Christian Dior might not be the best things to come out of France after all.

Current Club: Lyon

2.David Beckham

david beckham

Yes, we do realize Mr. Beckham is retired from the beautiful game but if we are talking about the babeliest of babes, Becks started it all. Where do we even begin with Beckham? He kicked into the soccer world when he signed with Manchester United at the age of 14. Since then he became a trendsetter with his always wild hair do’s, style and tattoos. Every young lad wanted to grow up to be David Beckham while every girl in the world wanted to be with him. It’s clear he keeps up on his personal fitness, maybe even engaging in some at home workouts. He broke every girl’s heart when he wed the ever fashionable Posh Spice but together the couple blessed the world with a new generation of Beckhams and some future babes. Although he is known on the field for his infamous free kick, Bend It Like Beckham, non-soccer fans recognize his abs from gracing billboards for some of the world’s biggest brands such as Adidas. But there is no doubt in our minds, no matter how many years he is retired for, no girl will ever forget his infamous Emporio Armani campaign.

Current Club: Retired

1. Cristiano Ronaldo

cristiano ronaldo

And the hottest of them all goes to none other than Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo is not only considered as on the most expensive players in history when he made his huge move from Manchester United to Real Madrid but he will also go down as one of the great players in soccer history. His fancy footwork and goal-scoring ability earned him every award possible in the soccer world, however it was his rocking six-pack, model-like face structure, piercing eyes, stylish hair and swag that landed him the number one spot on our list. Ronaldo has been leaving women speechless for years and there isn’t a girl in the world not jealous of his current girlfriend, Sports Illustrated supermodel, Irina Shayk.

Current Club: Real Madrid

And there they are, the ten reasons why soccer is the world’s most beautiful game. Now who is excited to watch the 2014 World Cup? We know we are!


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