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3rd & 10: Hernandez on How to Look Guilty

I am sure you have all heard by now that Aaron Hernandez, the Patriot’s tight end, is being investigated in connection with a homicide. The victim was a semi-professional football player by the name of Odin Lloyd. Hernandez was seen at a bar with Lloyd and left with him and several other men the night he was murdered. Hernandez was seen coming home with several men later on, but Lloyd was not one of them. Lloyd’s body was found in an industrial park with a car nearby that was connected to Hernandez. There have not been any arrests and so far Hernandez is only being investigated- but does he ever look guilty.At first, Hernandez looked like your average man in the wrong place at the wrong time. Yes, a car connected to him had been located by the body, but it appeared that he had not been at the scene. The park was about a mile and a half from Hernandez’s home. Then the news that he knew Lloyd and was seen with him that night broke. This still felt like he was most likely just in the wrong place. Then this whole “he shot me in the face�? story broke on TMZ.

Yes, Aaron Hernandez is connected to shooting someone in the face.

Alex Bradley claims that Hernandez and he had been out at a bar. They got into the car and were having an argument. Bradley then claims that Hernandez leveled a gun at him and fired. The bullet grazes his arm and blew his right eye socket out. Bradley was attempting to take Hernandez to court, but the lawsuit was thrown out days before Lloyd was murdered.

Next ABC reported a story that deepened the plot. Hernandez had destroyed his cell phone and surveillance equipment before his home was initially searched in connection to the homicide. He apparently also hired a cleaning crew to clean his home top to bottom before police arrived on Tuesday. His house was then searched a second time by police that took several bags of evidence with them this time.

It was reported that he was being charged with obstruction of justice that is a “paper warrant.�?
it means that the warrant has not been entered into the system so not arrest will be made. It may have only been created as a tactic to get Hernandez to cooperate.

Here’s the thing though. Hernandez may fully well be innocent-but, damn, he looks guilty. The body close to his house, his rental car, being seen with Lloyd the night he was shot in the face. Not to mention Hernandez’s connection to already shooting someone in the face. Add the intentional destruction of his cell phone and surveillance system. Oh, and the cleaning crew. Additionally, if you then look at Hernandez’s college career and his issues with drugs and gangs the possibility of his being guilty deepens.


What happens if Hernandez is guilty? Will he be charged? Will this be swept under the rug ala Ray Lewis?
Give your say in the comment section below.

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