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3rd & 10: The Seahawks are Number One

That got your attention didn’t it?

Well, calm yourselves; the Seahawks aren’t number one in respectable list. The team is number one in PED suspensions since 2010. Mike Sando of ESPN revealed this statistic after Bruce Irvin was suspended Friday for PED use. The Seahawks have been known to take chances with young players in the draft-but maybe it’s not always such a good thing. How much blame should Pete Carroll take for this?


Since 2010 when Pete Carroll took over there have been a total of five suspensions on the Seahawks team. This number does not include Richard Sherman’s successful appeal for PED use. And let’s be honest, if you heard about that story-you know he would have been suspended if the specimen jar hadn’t had a leak.


The biggest risk now is that each of these players will suffer an eight game suspension if they test positive again. That can have a major impact for a team. A total of seven players have tested positive for any substance abuse since 2011. They are the second highest team in the league for any substance abuse.


As a sports fan you have to ask yourself; what is being done inside this organization to discourage substance abuse? Has the policy been changed, and become tougher, as a result of the numerous charged players? Pete Carroll is known as a coach who will speak out on a number of issues. He is not afraid to speak his mind-yet he has remained quiet on the topic of PED and substance abuse. He can’t keep referring to the suspensions as ‘league issues.’ This is his team and he is responsible for not only it’s success but for each of it’s players. It is time that he cracks down on substance abuse and let’s the public, and Seahawks fans, know that he cares.



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