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3RD & 10: Is Flacco Elite? (Here We Go Again…)

It was a crazy weekend in the NFL. There was the double OT in the Broncos/ Ravens game that ended in a Ravens win. On Saturday there was Kaepernick lighting the 49ers on fire. Of course there was also the insanity of the Seahawks comeback that was all for nothing. Finally, there was the snooze fest game of the Patriots rolling over the Texans.

What was the most surprising win of the weekend?

Maybe I’m biased but I have to say the Ravens. Entering the game the Broncos had the Ravens outmatched in talent. They had a stronger team offensively and defensively; yet the Ravens persevered. The whole team was responsible for the win; but Joe Flacco showed up as an ‘elite’ quarterback once again.

It’s that time of year again! Joe Flacco: is he elite or not?

It’s the postseason and the Ravens are winning. So, of course, the debate over exactly how good Joe Flacco rears its ugly head. This is usually a debate that has no end goal. There has never been anything on the line before. However, this season Flacco’s future is being debated with every elite or not point.

Flacco’s contract with the Baltimore Ravens is coming to a close. It appears that the Ravens will most likely use the franchise tag on him; but if there will be talks for a long-term deal is unknown.

Flacco is Mr. Inconsistent. He waxes and wanes in his performance on the field. At times his performance is head scratching; and then there are moments when he is Brady-esque. The last two postseason games that Flacco played he earned himself respect. The Ravens crushed the Colts in wildcard weekend. Then he battled Peyton and won. He threw for 331 yards, 3 touchdowns and no interceptions. Peyton threw for 290 yards, 3 touchdowns and 2 interceptions. One of those interceptions was the game-changing pick. Meanwhile, Flacco threw the 70-yard pass in the last minutes that lead to the Ravens eventual victory over the Broncos.

Does that make him elite?

Flacco can be a winner. He can make big plays and he is on a team that has reached the playoffs in the last five seasons. Despite all that, he is not part of the top five. He doesn’t put up huge numbers. He is not Peyton, Brady, Rodgers or Brees. However, he is good. He has a good arm and he can bring his team into the postseason.

This is a time in the league where there are more than a handful of teams that are still searching for a franchise quarterback. That, and the upcoming draft is thin in talent in the quarterback position. There are no Lucks or RG3s walking into the league next year.

Joe Flacco may not be elite; but the Ravens would be silly not to lock him down.


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