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LAWS ON THE COURT: Headlines (Ft. Kobe Bryant, David Stern, Raps vs. OKC — and more!)

Breaking News: Kobe Bryant has Twitter (insert girly scream here).

If you haven’t heard quite yet, from friends Kobe Bryant recently became a tweeter – if that’s what they call it now. Kobe’s first tweet said it all.

The reason he finally decided to get twitter, was mainly his fan base. People either love him or hate him, adore him or trash him. Either way now, you can let him know how you feel towards him. At this moment in time, he’s got a monstrous amount of followers, though he doesn’t come close to the 6.8 million followers of Lebron James @KingJames. It probably won’t take long for everyone to follow the Black Mamba, check back next week, he might be at 7 million.

Bad Boy, Bad Boy, David Stern is Looking for you

Rajon Rondo is in trouble with David Stern again, — but isn’t everyone these days. David Stern has been handing out some pretty interesting suspensions as of late (if you’re interested just read last weeks blog). Dwayne Wade with his famous flailing leg kick earned him a one game suspension. Amir Johnson managed to get a one game suspension for acting childish while throwing his mouth guard at the ref, and now Rajon Rondo.. suspended for making contact with the ref, after being called for a foul. The funny thing is, David Stern would have never made the suspension, as it wasn’t a big thing, heck—Mott didn’t even care (he was the official Rajon ran into). The only reason the suspension happened is due to the Atlanta Hawks general manager (David Ferry), who was later fined $15,000 for being a tattle tail. Bad luck, I guess, but that’s also Rajon’s reputation now, four suspensions in under a year. He may want to make a change to that current reputation, unless it means nothing to anyone anymore. The Celtics didn’t miss Rajon on Monday though, they were still able to pull of a win against the New York Knicks.

Heated Moments, Celtics & Knicks

Amir Johnson isn’t the only one who loses his cool, Carmelo Anthony did last night. After the Knicks heartfelt loss against the rising Celtics, 102-96, Anthony and Garnett got into a little altercation. When I mean little, I mean pretty intense, both stadium security and New York police were called to diffuse the situation. One witness stated it was basically like a schoolyard fight. They may not have thrown punches at each other, but they both seemed at little outraged. Garnett and Anthony were given a double technical, in the fourth quarter after the two started it at each other. Anthony waited outside of the Celtics bus, to talk to Garnett, it was a heated moment, they both calmed down. Knowing our friend David Stern, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were both given suspensions and/or fines.

Sunday Funday – Raptors vs. Thunder

Anyone catch the latest Raptors game against OKC? Well, myself and the creator of Babes Dig Balls, , checked it out. It was a good game, up until the Lebron James of fourth quarters. At one point they were out scoring the Thunder—I was just as surprised. Calderon, and Anderson were playing excellent. I didn’t get to see as much of Terrence Ross as I would have liked to, but it was still nice to see some of the dunks, layups and dirty threes. There is a reason Kevin Durant is the most powerful player in the NBA as of late. He’s just way too good to even talk about anymore. The final score was 104-92, not bad for the Raptors, 12-point loss against the 2nd ranked team in the league. Standing ovation. Though I did catch the results of the game they played against the Wizards, the last placed team in the league. Wizards had a buzzer beater win against the Thunder. What happened Raptors? We can’t blame this one on Primo.

LA or LA?

Are you a Lakers or Clippers fan? It’s hard to not say you’re both. Lakers have won 16 championships, and the Clippers? None. Though the Lakers are a brand name team, they aren’t looking so good this year. Many Laker fans are now accusing exsisting fans, of being bandwagon jumpers, because of the clippers past 17-game win-streak. The Clippers have been playing like a team, where as the Lakers – we’ll they blame it on injuries and coaching changes, and the Kobe had the best excuse – old team. Clippers beat the Lakers this past Friday. Chris Paul and Steve Nash were finally able to play against one another, previous games they were both injured. It was a hard fought, game though Chris Paul’s speed, Blake Griffin’s 24 points, and Jamal Crawford were just too much for the LA Lakers. It may surprise you to know, the Clippers have been dealing with injuries as well. Though, it may not look like it, they are missing Grant Hill, whose been out most of the season, due to a bruised knee, and Chauncey Billups with a sore foot. The Lakers will be missing two of their assets for a while, Dwight Howard is out again, due to a tear in his shoulder, and Pau Gasol, with a concussion.



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