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Season Starting Struggles

The other day when I was looking at the standings, I wasn’t really surprised to see the Toronto Raptorswere struggling, with all the injuries they have encountered lately, it’s amazing they even have their starting line up — well most of them at least. The Raptors have been hit with every injury possible, so far this season. First, they lost Bargnani in the preseason for a few games (previous calf injury, twisted ankle), Kyle Lowry to a sore ankle (twisted or sprain), Landry Fields (sore wrist, though we won’t be seeing him for a while, as he had a nerve transposition surgery on his right inner elbow.), Alan Anderson (partially torn plantar fascia (left foot) and Kleiza (sore left hip). The injuries aren’t the only thing that is making this team struggle, it’s also the lack of defence, and offence (you need both to win a game, here). The one silver lining this team has, is the off-the-bench players. Amir Johnson for example, is killing it, hitting free throws, getting the tough rebounds, taking good fouls for the team. They need more aggression, more defensive strategies. I hate to say it, but I think the Raptors have the same luck as the Blue Jays did this year. It’s too bad they don’t have the luck of the Argos…

Did you catch the Wizard/Heat game the other day? Were you as stunned as I was watching it along with the rest of the sports journalists and sports business executives world? I almost couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the 105-101 final score, with the Wizards on top. So far the Wizards have had a horrific season, having a record of 2-13. They have the worst record in the NBA. They didn’t win until their eleventh game of the season. LeBron had a triple double of 26 points, 13 rebounds, and 11 assists, with those kinds of stats you would think Miami could have killed them, but they only made 8 of 28 three pointers, and LeBron missed a tying three. I didn’t think the Wizards would have a chance against the Miami Heat, they are one of the best 4 teams right now. Washington’s Jamal Crawford on the other hand lead Washington with 22 points, which included 3 free throws in the final 11 seconds. A boost of confidence could be what the doctor ordered for the struggling Wizards, for their sake, I hope they get on a winning streak. I never like to see a team struggling, especially a team that was graced with Michael Jordan‘s experience and retirement.

The biggest shock to me was the L.A. Lakers. I just remember hearing all about how great they were going to be offensively and defensively. Could have fooled me! L.A.. losing all of their preseason games, then the first four or so of the season, it was like a fatal car crash — you couldn’t help but stop and wonder what was happening. The firing of the coach commenced, they brought in a new one. They started winning, fans started believing again. They have a record of 9-10 right now. Not bad, but that’s not good enough for a 16-time championship organization. They brought in talents such as Nash and Howard — Nash at the moment is on the injury list with a fracture, but should be back soon. Howard is fully recovered from his back surgery from this past summer. For some reason with all the talent, skill and passion this team has. It’s not working for them. They brought in a new coach, D’Antoni, and had been playing well. Unfortunately, that didn’t last, as they have been on another losing streak.

This definitely isn’t a coaching problem, more like an egotistical problem. Kobe is a brilliant player, just scored his 30,000th point and became one of the youngest to get there. It just doesn’t sound like the team is very friendly these days. Teammates calling each other out, I sense a trade is in the books soon, it won’t be a Howard, Nash or Kobe trade. Gasol is in the headlines lately, as they see him being traded, as Bargnani is with the Raptors. Maybe a little switch-a-roo, could bring them both back to a winning streak. One pet peeve I have airing out dirty laundry on social media. Now, I’m hearing about the dirty laundry of the Lakers, we as the fans shouldn’t be hearing these things. Keep it in the locker room. If you’re not going to try to act like a team off the court, and least try to act like a team on the court, maybe you’ll see a difference.


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