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3RD AND 10: The Jets Shake Things Up (Finally)

The Jets faced the Cardinals yesterday in a game they desperately needed to win. They’d beaten the Rams in Week 11, and any momentum they had gained off that win was dispelled when the Patriots crushed them. Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez were both under massive pressure from the media, their fans and the Jets owner.

Enter Week 13.

The Jets were actually favored to beat the Cardinals. Part of this was the absolute worthlessness of Lindley and the Card’s offensive line. However, that spread meant something- people believed they could win, and by a whole touchdown! Except that the Jets don’t do well with favoritism.

Sanchez threw 3 interceptions; completed 10 f 21 passes for just 97 yards. It was ugly and finally, finally, Rex gave in and he pulled Sanchez. There was no Tebow time. Tebow was out with a rib injury, so the third stringer, Greg McElroy, came in to save the day. 7-6 the Jets won over Arizona.

McElroy time just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

So what now?

After weeks of hearing Jets fans yell “Tebow, Tebow, Tebow.” Ryan finally pulled his starter. He stated over and over again that his faith was in Sanchez, that he had made a commitment. After more poor performances than good ones are we looking at a permanent quarterback change in New York? Are you looking to find health insurance agents?

It’s clear that the coaching staff never trusted Tebow to be a starter. There were enough moments to indicate that Sanchez was incapable of fulfilling that role himself. Yet, Tebow was never given control. With a win behind McElroy it will be hard to justify allowing Mark Sanchez to lead the Jets again.

In Week 14 Sanchez will not be the starter. Rex has run out of options and to save his own skin he will need to commit to a change. The switch-up can’t even draw parallels with San Franciso. Harbaugh’s decision to start Kaepernick wasn’t about the failure of Smith- but the strength, and “hotness” of Kaepernick. If Rex fails to let McElroy prove to be a better quarterback than Sanchez, then he deserves the axe that’s waiting to fall on his neck.


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