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You’re walking down the street, and all of a sudden you see… the Beard. It’s not just any guy with a stellar beard. No, it’s not Willy Robertson from Duck Dynasty — it’s James Harden, the newest addition to the Houston Rockets.

In just two games he’s accumulated 82 points — which is the most points scored in NBA history (the impressive record was previously held by Wilt Chamberlin with 79 points.) Just last year, he was in the NBA finals with the Oklahoma City Thunder with Durant and Westbrook, and that team was a big topic on sports social media all season. Now he’s cruising down the court with Linsanity. Yes, you read that correctly. Lin & Harden — the duo of Houston. Beard-Sanity!

This is the first time in four-years that Houston has started off their season with 2 wins. Not just any wins though, on Halloween they beat the Detroit Pistons 105-96. James Harden had a 37 point game, playing 44 minutes, while Jeremy Lin supplied 12 points, 7 assists and 4 steals. On Friday, Harden scored a whopping 45 points, while Lin was close to have a triple double, with 21 points, 10 rebounds and 7 assists. The Rockets beat the Atlanta Hawks 109-102

Things didn’t go as well on Saturday night when they faced the Portland Blazers. Harden still lead the team in points (he came up with 24 points), but the team suffered an overtime loss.

Will the Houston Rockets be able to beat the competition this year? With the addition of the Beard and Linsanity, they have proved that they can over-come the Pistons and the Hawks, but failed to bring a win in overtime against the Blazers. The team needs to work harder and become a team. A team isn’t just two players, everyone has to step up — or they may just become like the Lakers. Have you seen their record lately?! OUCH!


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