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3rd & 10: The Best, The Worst and the WTF of the NFL Draft

3rd & 10: The Best, The Worst and the WTF of the NFL Draft

Well sports fans, the NFL draft of 2014 is behind us. It was exciting as the draft can be. Well, unless you’re an Indy fan like me, which was akin to watching everyone else open a gift on Christmas morning while you sipped a cold cup of coffee.
The obligatory best, worst and undecided evaluation of Draft picks can be unleashed.


Jadeveon Clowney to the Texans
Pretty hard to screw up with the No. 1 pick. Pair him up with Watt and the duo will make QBs shake in their pants. He will have immediate impact on the field and hopefully doesn’t become too much of a diva.

Johnny Manziel to the Browns

This is an instant swag update for the Browns. The winner here are the Browns fans more than anything. He isn’t being rushed into being a starting QB so he has some time to learn and improve. Brian Hoyer will continue to be the starter for the team.

Mike Evans and Austin Seferian-Jenkins to the Bucs

The Bucs have made some serious moves. So, they snagged up McCown from the Bear and then drafted receiver Evans and tight-end Seferian-Jenkins. Dees boys are BIG 6″5 and 6″6 respectably. Throw in 6″5 Vincent Jackson already and the Bucs have good a serious offense on the go here. As long as that MRSA infection is eradicated the Bucs should make a splash offensively.

Say What?

Bortles to the Jaguars

Bortles the first quarterback selected in the 2014 draft. Who would have DREAMT it. I mean other than Bortles and his Harry Potter friends. This was one weird ass pick by the Browns. Out of all the talent they selected Bortles who they say will be mentored and not start this year. His mechanics aren’t fantastic and his deep ball lacks. He is big and mobile.. but he isn’t a top, wait for it, ELITE, quarterback coming out of the draft. He’s a raw boy who may very well be pushed to start if Henne can’t find success on the field. I foresee Bortles cashing out at Platform 9¾.


In General Chargers

The Chargers didn’t draft a WR till the 7th round. They have a hole to fill in this position, Keenan Allen isn’t enough. They also got a shorty of a corner back when their match ups are massive in their division. Overall, the Chargers draft was pretty sub par.

In General KC

KC had a pretty blah draft. They neglected to pick up a wide receiver or a 3-4 defensive end when these are bigger needs. Instead at No.23 they picked up Dee Ford. The Chiefs already have Tamba Hali and Justin Houston- so this has to be some sort of future insurance against losing either of these two. Their next pick was a Phillip Gaines, who is a corner back. Mike Mayock praised Gaines for his combine performance but said that he is a developmental player and not necessarily starting material.


Taylor Lewan, a tackle, was drafted in the first round. The Titans already have 2 tackles. And now want to change the starting tackle. So the first round pick was moot. I mean, Lewan is good, but it just seemed like a strange pick when the team already has such glaring needs.

Who was your best, worst and WTF pick?

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