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SIX PACKS ON ICE, NHL BLOG: An Exciting Round Two

The second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs are getting down to the nitty gritty. We’re beginning to find out which teams really want to take home the cup.

And getting to the nitty gritty in any sport is fun, even in esports, where the best results dominate streaming news headlines and are raved about in esports news as well.

Unfortunately for my bracket, it’s not the Anaheim Ducks it seems. The Ducks can’t seem to figure out how to get the puck past Jonathan Quick. If Anaheim doesn’t turn it around in Thursday’s game, I’m not sure they’re capable.

SIDE NOTE: Corey Perry needs to get his act together. I am a fan of his but he’s not helping the Ducks at this point. I hate to say it Perry, but your focus right now should be on winning the cup. I’m getting a little sick of your antics. End of rant.

After a season that wasn’t that impactful, the Pittsburg Penguins are making a statement with the New York Rangers. They can be the first team to move on Friday is they defeat the Rangers. It’s good to see the Pens come together. For a while there, it seemed Crosby and Malkin weren’t able to be themselves but they have it together now.

Also, what about Marc-Andre Fleury?! Can we say stellar series? I say this a lot but I have a love-hate relationship with goalies. Don’t get me wrong, I like Fleury. I just feel as though he has his ups and downs, but he definitely shut me up and cleared my head of doubts recently. And I’m happy about it.

The next statement may seem a little random, but WHAT IN THE WORLD BOSTON?!?! Get it together! But yay for Canada! I don’t think I would have believe someone if they told me Montreal would be ahead 2-1 against the Bruins. I have Boston going to the finals in my bracket. They were solid. What happened??? Oh yea, the Habs did, that’s what.

Chicago and Minnesota is a pretty fun matchup. It’s one of those where I really don’t have a dog in the fight so it’s just fun to watch. I’m glad Minnesota is presenting the Blackhawks with a challenge. I’m still in shock after the Wild took out the Avalanche though.

Overall, it’s been an exciting playoff race. It’s definitely not turning out like I thought it would. No team is really showing utter domination. Any team can lose in the series, nothing is out of the question for now.


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