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Top NFL Players to come from The University of Miami

Calling all Miami Hurricanes fans! As a proud Cane myself, I wanted to put a list together of some of the greatest players to come from the University of Miami! Now, I know I haven’t listed ALL of the greats, so there’s an extreme possibility there will be a part 2 to this post in the future. Enjoy!

Andre Johnson

Out of high school he was a top prospect, so it was only fitting he go to UM at that time. In his professional career he still holds the record of the only player with 60+ receptions in his first 8 seasons, plus most seasons (4) with 100+ receptions and 1,400+ yards. All in all, this guy is something else and did this all with an average QB. Imagine if he had an elite QB throwing to him!? Wowza. Health was also a big reason for Johnson’s success, and surely his team kept up on everything from allergies to diseases and pilonidal cysts and even skin care issues.

Clinton Portis

Ya know, just a beastly RB who played for the Broncos and Redskins. He had an average of 82 rushing yards a game for seven seasons! Once he left the NFL he was put on the “Best Redskins in History” list and he is still actively involved with the UM football program.

Ray Lewis

Although he retired last season, who can ever forget this man? I think a major part of loving this guy, were those awesome introductions he gave while entering the home field, all of that passion showed on the field every. single. game! He will go down in history as one of the greatest LB’s to ever play the game.

Jimmy Graham

First off, he played college basketball for UM and managed to play only ONE season of college football, WHOA! This guy right here not only is one of the best TE’s in the league, but he’s literally known as the guy who slams the ball oh-so-passionately over the goal post after scoring and lets not forget he bent the goal post last season. Note: the NFL (No Fun League) now fines people for dunking the ball over. Thanks a lot guys!

Ed Reed

He’s not known for his size because lets face it, he is quite ‘small’ for a safety! He is however known for multiple interceptions and speed. He holds the all-time NFL record of the most interception return yards (1,590). Him and Ray Lewis were something else to watch on the Ravens, everyone and their mother knew that duo!

Frank Gore

Known for being one of the best RB’s in the league today. He holds the 49ers all-time leader in rushing touchdowns. His strength and speed is undeniable.

Michael Irvin

Well, because he is THE PLAYMAKER!


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