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3rd and 10: Hurricane’s Demetrius Jackson Talks Justkids Foundation

3rd and 10: Hurricane’s Demetrius Jackson Talks Justkids Foundation

One on One with Demetrius Jackson

National signing day came and went. Prospects selected the colleges of their choice and now are eager to finish high school and start contributing to their new teams. One recruit, now a Miami Hurricane, is ready not only to work for his team, but work for his community.

Demetrius Jackson (@F5_Jackson) grew up in Overtown, one of the oldest communities in Miami, that experienced economic decline in the 1950s and still continues to struggle in it’s pursuit of development and resurgence. The Rivals 4-Star prospect currently attends one of Miami’s many powerhouse high school football programs, Booker T. Washington. His standout performance as a Defensive End led to offers from multiple top Division I teams around the country including Louisville, Texas, and Arkansas. With various scholarships to select from, Jackson opted to stay home, where he could showcase his talent and cultivate a project he has been putting together for many years.

I spent Sunday afternoon trying to learn just what this foundation is all about and was impressed by this young man’s foresight and passion for a project that could have an a major immediate impact on his community, and how he keeps grabbing attention in the college sports news and rumors section. Here’s what Demetrius had to say:

1. Talk to me about the Justkids Foundation, what is it about?
It’s a group of University of Miami football players looking to give back to the community, elementary/middle/high schools around Miami-Dade/Broward counties. We’re looking to teach positivity, encourage kids to stay focused in school, and be a positive male role model in their lives

2. How and when did you come up this idea?
I’ve wanted to do this since middle school but needed a platform to help me get set up. Now that people know who I am, as a University of Miami football player, I can use my name to help get the word out about the foundation
Who did you look at as a strong male role model in your life growing up?
My uncles showed me the ropes. They all did sports, one was a boxer, it didn’t pan out but they used their lives to teach me to stay focused on my goals. My uncle told me to worry about my career and my dedication to get me where I need to go.

3. The foundation is currently for UM football players/boys, would you be open to expanding it to include female athletes/girls?
Boys and girls both need guidance, so definitely open to expanding. Thanks for the idea!

4. What are your short and long term goals for the foundation?
Short-term, just got to get it up off the ground. Long-term, I see it as a 3-year plan. I want it to get to the national level, all over the country by my 3rd year after I’ve finished up school and hopefully getting ready for the NFL.


5. If you could say something to all of the kids in Overtown, Opa-Locka, and Liberty City what would you say?
Kids can finally give back to kids, we’re not that much older than you but we’re at a place in life where we can help. It’s hard for adults to understand sometimes but we know what you’re going through because we’ve been there too. If you need us you can call us.

Look out for Jackson and the rest of the members of the Justkids Foundation team this fall on the field. Check out the Hurricane’s 2014 football schedule here: Miami Football

Look out for Jackson and the rest of the members of the Justkids Foundationteam this fall on the field. Check out the Hurricane’s 2014 football schedule here: Miami Football


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