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The Top 10 Sexiest Men of the 2014 Sochi Olympics

These may be the winter games but the 2014 Sochi Olympians are heating things up. We decided to countdown the Top 10 Sexiest Male Olympians who recently became some of the most crush-worthy athletes around the world. With hundreds of athletes competing, it was hard to narrow down the final 10. So without any further ado, we present to you our hottest Olympians and probably some of your latest crushes!

unnamed-1Photo Credit: Bobby Brown Twitter

Honorable Mention

Simon Fourcade- Team France (Biathlon)

Well biathlon will officially have more people watching after this picture.

unnamed-1Photo Credit: Simon Fourcade Twitter


10. Nick Goepper- Team USA (Slopestyle Skiing)

If his adorable smile and shaggy hair weren’t enough to win you over, Goepper is now an Olympic bronze medalist.

unnamedPhoto Credit: Nick Goepper Twitter


9. Kamil Stoch – Team Poland (Ski Jumping)

Stoch swept the podium in ski jumping with a gold in not only the men’s normal hill but also the large hill. He looked absolutely adorable on the podium and just like that captured our hearts.



8. Charlie White – Team USA (Ice Dancing)

White made history on Monday night with his partner Meryl Davis, becoming the first American’s to win gold at the Olympics in Ice Dancing. There is nothing that could of wiped off the huge smile on his face as he was beaming with joy and that is exactly when we fell in love with this blond curly-haired Olympian.

unnamedPhoto Credit: Charlie White Instagram

7. Zach Parise- Team USA (Hockey)

Parise is the definition of the perfect All-American.



6. Scott Moir- Team Canada (Ice Dancing)

And we give you another reason to watch Ice Dancing. Moir did not win the gold medal but he definitely captured our hearts.



5. Patrick Sharp- Team Canada (Hockey)

No wonder Canadians love hockey so much.

unnamed-4Photo Credit: Patrick Sharp Twitter


4. Henrik Lundqvist- Team Sweden (Hockey)

Lundqvist may be one of the oldest men on our countdown but WOW! He looks like the leading man in the next Hollywood movie and would for sure give DiCaprio and Clooney a run for their money.

unnamed-3Photo Credit: Henrik Lundqvist Twitter


3. Shaun White- Team USA (Snowboarding)

He might not have won gold or any medal for that matter, but White captured our hearts with his new haircut. Who would have thought that behind all that hair was this stud. Whoever persuaded White to cut his famous locks, deserves a gold medal.

unnamed-5Photo Credit: Shaun White Instagram


2. Bobby Brown- Team USA (Slopestyle Skiing)

That smile though. Enough said.

BfzShnTCIAAobLfPhoto Credit: Bobby Brown Twitter


1. Gus Kenworthy – Team USA (Slopestyle Skiing)

Athletic, adorable and he loves puppies. Cue jaws dropping.

unnamedPhoto Credit: Gus Kenworthy Instagram

Well those are some pretty hot reasons to start watching the Sochi Olympics if you haven’t so far! With athletes from all different sports and countries on our countdown, the Olympics have officially become the must-watch event on TV! And if we were giving away medals based on our countdown, Team USA would take the gold with 6 of the hottest Olympians, Team Canada would take the silver with 2 of the hottest Olympians and Team Poland and Sweden would be tied for the bronze with 1 hot Olympian each. Thank you Sochi!


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