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3rd & 10: A Projected NFL Draft Pick Comes Out

3rd & 10: A Projected NFL Draft Pick Comes Out

Michael Sam, a projected NFL draft pick from Missouri State announced he was gay Sunday night.

He is now set to become the first openly player who is active in the NFL.

Let’s take a look at how Michael is, the reactions so far to this news, and how this will affect Michael and the NFL.

Michael Sam was a Missouri Tigers defensive end. He was an important part of the defense that recorded 11.5 sacks and 19 tackles for a loss. The Tigers won a Cotton Bowl and came close to winning a SEC Championship. Michael was touted as being on one of the best defensive lines in College football. He’s fast, aggressive and has been celebrated as the best Defensive Player of the Year in the SEC.

When Michael announced that he was gay Sunday night Twitter exploded. NFL players, media and fans all had something to say. Michael wanted the news to come out now so that he could focus on football and hope that the media storm would die down come draft day. The reactions were mixed.

The real question is whether this will affect his draft stock. He was predicted to be a third round, or later. Although Michael had a great 2013 season he was not a celebrated player previously. He did not have a very good record and he is a little small for the NFL. However, he has showed in 2013 that he is worthy of being drafted into the NFL. It will be interesting to see what round he is drafted in after this news. Unfortunately, that team will be drafting a distraction. Yes, Michael is a great football player of late; but the media is going to go freaking crazy. His teammates will probably be mostly accepting. I imagine the biggest hurdle for Michael will be a team accepting the baggage that comes with being the first openly gay NFL player. Just look at Kluwe’s situation. Chris Kluwe was employed with the Minnesota Vikings. He was a very outspoken supporter of gay rights. The Vikings told him to keep quiet and when he didn’t he was released. The Vikings deny that he was released for his activism; but Kluwe is certain that was why he was released from the organization.

Michael Sam has to be celebrated for his courage. There have been other athletes that have come out but these athletes were either finished or at the end of the careers-such as Jason Collins. Michael has a bright future ahead of him hopefully he is given the opportunity and space to prove his talent on the field.

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