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LAWS ON THE COURT: This Week’s NBA ‘I Told You So!’ Rant

You know those four words, the ones that make you cringe. Especially, when you were praying for a different outcome, and everything went the other way? The one little sentence that your friends, parents, siblings and even spouse say, and you know it’s coming right after it happens. That saying… I TOLD YOU SO

To everyone who told me I didn’t know what I was talking about, when the Cleveland Cavaliers picked up Andrew Bynum, and signing him to a 2 year – $24.79 million contract, needs a big fat… “I TOLD YOU SO”. I knew he would never work out on this team, but a lot of fans, said that I didn’t have any sense in the game of basketball, if I thought Andrew Bynum was just going to be another benchwarmer. It’s always amusing to see people stand up for a guy, who has had no work ethic since his knee injury. The guy has lost all of his passion for the game. The Cleveland Cavaliers obviously haven’t been overly impressed with the signing as they have suspended him indefinitely, for conduct detrimental to the team, and there have been talks of trading him.

Sidenote: Andrew Bynum, you are an out of shape, no passion player. You’re a benchwarmer. Just retire. Please.
Oh, and maybe stop bowling… You might tweak something.

raptorsTo all those bandwagon Raptor fans I see constantly on Twitter. You’re not fooling anyone. When they sucked at the beginning of the season, you kept writing this “#Tank4Wiggins” on Twitter, we all saw you. But wait, they’ve won 9-12 games, with no ultimate superstar, but they’re winning. Sure, they just lost to the Miami Heat, but only by 5 pts. Pretty great game if you saw it. Which, I’m sure you didn’t. Seriously… I TOLD YOU SO. The Raptors aren’t a tanking team, nor do they have the aspirations to tank. Why would they? They actually might make the play-offs with no superstar quality player, like a Kevin Durant, or Lebron James-type player.

Sidenote: Forgot to mention, one little teeny tiny thing… the Raptors, the ones you ‘think’ are tanking, because some media outlet told you so, beat OKC and the Pacers.

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 3.40.29 PMAnd finally, here’s the big ol’ I TOLD YOU SO one more time. Kobe Bryant. He shouldn’t have come back that soon, he injured himself from practising to much, and now he’s out. Practice makes perfect, but it can also cause more damage than you started with. He’ll be back, 100%, but will he be 100% ever again?

Side Note: Don’t vote for Kobe Bryant for the All-Star Game. He doesn’t want to be there. He wants younger athletes to have a chance, to play in that type of atmosphere. I agree with him.


Rant over. Drops imaginary mic


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