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Sports Babe Of The Day

SPORTS BABE OF THE DAY: Charlie Coyle, Forward, Minnesota Wild

21-year-old Charlie Coyle is settling into his first “full” season with the Wild and making a solid name for himself on and off the ice. Mixing it up down the middle or on the wing, you can throw him anywhere, he makes his presence will be known. Set in his blue-collar way of playing the game he’s winning the battles and stealing hearts one wave at a time. But don’t be fooled by his soft side, this hard-nosed power forward will make you put your money where your mouth is and give you Boston Strong… and then some.

First Fight..ever

21 Questions with Charlie Coyle

1. Most recently there’s a certain picture and video going viral on social media-
What were you thinking if anything, at that moment? Did you ever think something so simple would create such a buzz? Why do you think so many people reacted toward
ds it?
I saw the little kid waving at me so without thinking I just turned and waved. I figured he would think it was cool if I did that. I didn’t expect anyone to see it. However, it was pretty cool to see his reaction when I saw the picture after. I think everyone reacted towards it because it was such a simple act that went a long way.

The wave heard round the world

2. Not all athletes are class acts with that being said, How do you conduct yourself on and off the ice? Do you consider yourself a role model?
I think no matter whether you want to be it not, athletes are considered role models. There are always young kids or younger athletes who look up to us and watch our every move. So I try to keep that in mind with everything I do.

3. You had to battle through an early season injury- How much of a setback was that for you mentally if any? What was your main concern when you were going through rehab and getting back on the ice?
Being injured was not an ideal situation to be in to start the season but I kept positive. Through any form of adversity the key is to have a positive mindset. My biggest worry was that I wouldn’t be in the same shape or up to the same level that I was playing at before my injury. I knew it would take time and some work but it would be worth it.

4. What has been the toughest hockey related decision you have had to make yet?
The toughest hockey related decision I’ve had to make was deciding to leave BU to play in the QMJHL. BU was my dream school but I had to look at the big picture and realize what the best option for my development was. It was a hard decision but it was worth it.


charlie coyle

5. You have played in every league out there-hockey east, QMHL, AHL and NHL- what was the hardest part about transitioning to each level?
The hardest part about transitioning from league to league is the speed of the game. Every time you move up a level in hockey you are facing faster, more experienced players. So definitely adjusting to the speed of the game is something that takes time.


6. Growing up with the goal of one day playing in the NHL- was there ever someone who said you wouldn’t make it or discouraged your dream along the way?How did you handle that?
The only instance where someone discouraged my love for hockey was in middle school. I wrote a paper about hockey and my teacher told me that I can’t keep writing about hockey because there is more to life than just this game. Of course family and friends come first and I was aware of that, but hockey was my passion and it was what I wanted to spend the rest of my life being involved in.
7. Does doing live interviews, media and having cameras in your face come easy to you or has it been a bit of an adjustment?
It was never easy talking to the media. I was never a fan of talking to a big group of people or being the center of attention. When I was younger my biggest fear was knowing I would have to do interviews if I made it to the NHL. But like anything else through practice and doing it over and over, you get used to it and it soon becomes natural.

8. What’s your pregame routine or any superstitious things that you do?
I’m not a big superstitious guy but I do have a routine that I follow before every game. One of these involves playing “Two Touch” soccer with some of the guys for a little warm up.

9. How do you motivate yourself to keep getting better ?
It’s not hard to stay motivated when you’re doing something that you love and it’s something that you’ve been working for your whole life. I just keep in mind all of the work I have put in. I know that when I put in the work, the results will follow.

10. As shown in the Wild Episode your pretty dedicated to fitness and working out – How did you become so passionate and how important do you think eating healthy and strength and conditioning is to your on ice game?
I’ve had the privilege of having a few great strength and conditioning coaches who have taught me a lot. Being in the gym plays a big role in becoming an athlete. I have always taken great pride in taking care of my body and eating healthy to be in the best shape to be the best athlete I can be. Every little advantage helps you out on the ice. How you take care of yourself off the ice and the work you put in the gym translates on the ice as well.

11. Can you pinpoint what level or age you were when you realized that you could potentially make it to the NHL?
There’s was never a specific time where I knew I was definitely going to be in the NHL. I just always kept it in my mind that I didn’t want to do anything else when I was older and I made hockey my only option. Therefore I put all of my efforts into making that dream a reality. From there I just took it step my step and focused on what the next step was to eventually reach the NHL.

12. Most memorable hockey related moment or accomplishment as of yet?
My most memorable moment in hockey was my freshman year at Weymouth High School, where our team made the Super 8 finals and played at the TD Garden for a state championship.

13. I’m sure many of our followers are wondering are you single or in a relationship?
I’m in a relationship

14. It must be tough having a long distance relationship how do you make it work?
A long distance relationship is a little different from your normal relationship but we are both pretty easy going and are kind if used to it by now. It helps us both focus on what we want to do and still be able to see each other from time to time.

15. Whats your ideal type of date?
My ideal type of date would be something fun and very laid back. Save the nice dinner date for a later time. Start out with something fun that you’ll actually enjoy and be comfortable doing

16. In your short time playing in the NHL you have had two disciplinary hearings on hits- Most guys aren’t trying to purposely hurt someone but how hard is it being a player and making a split second decision on whether to hit someone or not?
Hockey is a fast sport so your decision-making has to be very sharp. There are a lot of instances where there are cheap hits and guys getting injured and that is bound to happen here and there. However, I don’t think guys should have the mindset of hitting someone to injure them. You check someone to knock them off the puck. I think if guys keep that mindset then it will be easier making the decision when to hit a guy or not.

securedownload[1]17. Has there been a surreal moment yet or a realization that you made it to the NHL and is living out your dream?
I would say a surreal moment that I made it to the NHL would have to be when I got called up to play my first game and flying out and walking into the locker room and putting on the jersey and everything else that went with it. It was a pretty cool dream come true.

18.What is something you enjoy doing in your downtime or in the offseason?
Playing golf with my family and friends from back home

19. Name one embarrassing hockey related moment-
My freshman year of high school and I was carrying the water bottles onto the ice for practice and I tripped going through the door and fell and the water bottles went everywhere.

20. Are you a trash talker? How do you respond to others chirping you?
I never trash talk. If someone is chirping me I usually just smile

Hot Seat with Charlie Coyle

Name one player you’ve played against that you are still in awe of?
Pavel Datsyuk

Favorite road city so far?

Favorite store?

Name a fear that you have?

What is your favorite show that you follow?
Prison Break

Whats your go to pump up jam?
“Ready To Roll” – Jet Black Stare

Whats your perfect meal?
Would include chicken wings and sushi

Name a unique fact about you that nobody would ever guess about you (not hockey related)
I can wiggle my ears.

This or that with Charlie Coyle

Chocolate or vanilla?

Gatorade or Powerade?

Going to the movies or Netflix ?

Beach house or ski house?
Beach house

Long or short hair?

Green, white or red jersey?

Chocolate chip or Oreo?
Chocolate chip

Steak or chicken?

Ice cream or cake?
Ice cream

Boxers or briefs?

Dogs or cats?

Nike or Reebok?

Dressed up or casual?

Comedy or action?

Backward or forward hat?

MacBook or iPad?

Breakfast lunch or dinner?

21. What do you want to be remembered for?
Being a hard-working, down for the team type guy, who you always know you can count on. Above all being a genuine good person, teammate, friend, hockey player.

Who would you recommend that is babely enough to be the next sports babe of the day
Jason Zucker

Thanks Chaahleee for your time!
No problem, you’re welcome Jess

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