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Sports Babe Of The Day

Sports Babe of the Day: Team Edition: St. Pierre Brothers

This is probably the interview that I am most excited about. Two of my favourite brothers out there. Martin & Jo St. Pierre.

Martin is the older of the two born in 1983, Jo joined the team in 1986. Martin was signed as a free agent to the Chicago Blackhawks in 2005. This was after he won the Wayne Gretzky Trophy in the OHL in 2004. Martin has played for the Boston Bruins, Ottawa Senators, and is currently in the Montreal Canadians organization. As for now, he is playing for the Hamilton Bulldogs in the AHL. He was also previously featured as SPORTS BABE OF THE DAY. Younger brother Jo is currently rehabing from surgery, hoping to get back in the game soon.

10 Questions with Martin & Jo St. Pierre

1. What has been your best hockey related memory, to date?
Jo: I have 3…
1. Scoring a goal when I was playing junior hockey
2. Winning 4 championships playing juniors
3. Playing my first professional game (didn’t finish the game since I got a 5 min for spearing and a 10 min misconduct)

Martin: Playing my first NHL game, scoring my 1st NHL goal in Pittsburgh. but I’d say best one was this season playing for the Montreal Canadiens which has been my biggest childhood dream.


2. If you could create the perfect line, who would choose to be on it? You have to be included on this line as well.

Martin–Some of my best friends..Claude Giroux and Jason Akeson both with the Flyers should see our chemistry is summer hockey haha

3. If your life was turned into a movie, who would play you on screen & who would play your leading lady, and who would play your brother?
Jo: Charlie Sheen would play my brother, I would be Allan (not so geeky and not that much of a loser lol) and my leading lady would be Blake Lively

Martin: Scott Caan would play me, Jenny McCarthy would be my leading lady (biggest crush and met her in chicago last year briefly) and my brother would be James Van Der Beek


Screenshot_2013-12-10-19-26-07-14. What’s the number one thing you look forward to in the off season?
Jo: Just moving back home and hanging out with friends and sharing stories about our seasons…

Martin: Resting, friends and family and waking up with the sunrise at the cottage with a lil swim with no stress

5. When/why did you start playing hockey?
Jo: Started skating at the age of 3 and If i remember correctly, hockey at 4
Martin: Skated at 3 and played hockey at 4

6. Who is the player you admire most?
Jo: Patrick Roy

Martin: Martin St. Louis. Small player that had the same path as me as far as always being told too small and never make it and his perseverance and dedication make him accomplish 1000 NHL games this season as an allstar


8. If you weren’t playing hockey, what would you be doing?
Jo: Something with investigations that’s for sure… The old man was a cop so we have that detective instinct in us…

Martin: Definitely something with hockey haha if not its be in law enforcement, love FBI/undercover stuff

9. Are you superstitious when it comes to games? Do you have any special rituals you have to do before or after the game? Lucky charms?

Jo: I have to take a shower and brush my teeth before every game… Yup us goalies are weird…
(Haha, great answer Jo! Gotta love those weird tendys!)

Martin: Superstitions are personal, but I guess I can tell you that i always put on my left equipment on first.

10. You guys are clearly huge country music fans.
What country song would you two perform together at bar karaoke?
Jo: Florida Georgia line… Cruise

Martin: Haha ummm barefoot blue jean night by jake owen
(Is there any way we can make this happen? I would pay to see that!)


Hot Seat questions with the older brother, Martin St. Pierre

1. Who was more of a trouble maker growing up? You or Jo?
He was for sure but every time it was my fault according to my parents since i was the older brother

Martin scoring his first NHL goal

2. Describe how you felt the first time you suited up & played your first NHL game?
Still remember it like it was yesterday…couldn’t nap, my legs were solo shaky during warmup and my first shift I blacked out I think haha

3. Of all the places you’ve played, where has been your favourite?

4. What’s been the most challenging thing for you throughout your career?
Negative/jealous people that no matter how much you succeed they always want you to fail, but you learn to use that as motivation and prove them all wrong


5. What advice can you give to other siblings in sports when it comes to keeping a solid relationship with each other? Communicate, honesty and support with constructive criticism and most of all..always keep an even keel during good times or bad times..never burn bridges because the sports world is very small!

st. pierre

Hot Seat questions with younger brother, Jo St.Pierre

1. Growing up, obviously both of you were playing hockey, but have you always been a goalie? If not, why did you decide to take up that position?
I started as a player but when it came to skate on the outdoor rink, being the younger brother, I had to play goalie so my brother and friends can play… and so I fell in love with the equipment

2. With your brother being in the NHL/AHL, do you ever get jealous or feel like you should be there too?
When I was still playing juniors, yes it was hard but I was still proud of what he had accomplish and after a while I used that as motivation to keep my career going…

3. What is a favourite memory of yours that include you & your brother from when you were growing up?
Probably him trying to help me skate my first time on the ice and also the countless hours we spent on the outdoor rink we had in our back yard…


4. Mario Or Luigi?
Being the younger brother, I was always stuck with Luigi

5. We all know brothers play pranks on each other. What’s the best prank you’ve ever played on Martin?
Thats a good question… I don’t really remember because every time I tried a prank it would just turn into a fight…

6. What has been the most challenging thing you’ve had to go through with recovery?
Most challenging would be to not be able to do some of your daily things. Trouble getting out of bed, walking and stuff like that but most of all, being a very active guy, not being able to do any sports.

PhotoGrid_13876915651857. When/what did you have surgery on/for?
January 3 (left hip surgery to reshape my hip(bone) May 16 (knee surgery to repair torn ACL, MCL and minuscus)

8. Where would you like to be playing once you are able to play again?
No where in specific… would just love to play hockey competitively again. But down south would be fun since right now I’m buried in over 2 feet of snow…
(Trust me, there are a few people who would love to see you on the ice again)

I would like to thank these two beauties for taking the time to do this interview with me. Now you know a little more about two of my favourite brothers on ice! Fingers crossed that we will be seeing Jo back in the south soon!


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