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The Top 10 Tight Ends (Male AND Female!)

Ah the holidays. A time to enjoy family, friends and good times. Eat, drink and be merry, right? Get together at a party and….count down the greatest tight ends sports has ever seen. And I’m not talking football positions.

Sometimes, when a gal is watching a particularly boring game, she has to find something to focus on to help the minutes pass by faster. And sometimes that something just so happens to be butts. Males, females, it doesn’t matter. If you’ve got a good caboose on you, I’ll probably mention it to whomever is watching with me.

So, as a little gift to stuff your stocking this holiday season, I’m counting down to the best bum in sports.

10. Maria Sharapova

Tennis pro Sharapova regularly treats audiences to tiny peeks to her booty on the court when she spins to whack a ball. Sports Illustrated does the rest of the work when they feature her in their swimsuit issue.

9. Maxime Medard

Thanks to a little tumblr called MaleSportsBooty, I came across Medard’s naked tush. And it was good. This French rugby player isn’t afraid to be photographed bare bottomed and if that’s not a Christmas miracle, I don’t know what is.

8. Gabrielle Reece

Regardless of which sex is on the court (or sand) the sport of volleyball is guaranteed to deliver great butts. Which is why I’m bitter I didn’t continue it after high school. Reece, in particular, makes the requisite uniform of bikini bottoms look good. Let’s face it, if she was on Twitch, she would be one of the most popular female streamers, and for good reason!

Reece is killin it!

7. Tom Daley

Even people who don’t pay attention to the Olympics couldn’t help but watch the men’s diving competition and I’m convinced it had something to do with Daley’s speedo. The English diver kept viewers glued to their screens every time he climbed out of the water and sauntered over to the showers.

6. Danica Patrick

Not even a racing jumpsuit could hide Danica’s great figure. Voted ‘sexiest athlete’ by Victoria’s Secret in 2007 and regularly featured in Sports Illustrated‘s swimsuit issue, the 32-year-old hasn’t lost her place.

5. Miles Austin

The Dallas Cowboys wide receiver benefits from the tight pants that football players wear (they obviously all do) but it wouldn’t look half as good on Austin if he didn’t have the goods to fill it up.

4. Aly Raisman

Spending most of your life training in artistic gymnastics will build up the muscles on every part of your body. And will leave you with a seriously fierce bum. Her Olympic competition uniform did not look at all comfortable but all the better to show off her body.

3. Joffrey Lupul

They don’t ask just anyone with an ass to appear in ESPN’s The Body Issue. I mean, it may seem like they do but they most likely don’t. Anyway, in the last issue of it, we were all treated to a side view of the Toronto Maple Leafs‘ forward’s bum.

2. Laisa Andrioli

There’s a reason why the top two positions on this list belong to soccer players. The gorgeous Brazilian midfielder has been featured in numerous magazines from her home country and with good reason. And since I mentioned that the top two tight ends were soccer players, that means that the number one spot belongs to….

1. David Beckham

How could anyone besides Beckham be at the top of this list? Sure, he looks great in his uniform while on the field. But the only picture that comes up in my mind when I think of him is the jogging he did in a suit for a promotional event. We all got a great look as his ass..ets.


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