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Sports Babe Of The Day

SPORTS BABE OF THE DAY: Robby Scott, Pitching Prospect with the Boston Red Sox

I had the chance to chat with Robby Scott, a Florida born-and-raised FSU Alum, and current Pitching Prospect in the Boston Red Sox organization.

When Robby and I spoke, he had just finished a charity event with the Catholic Church that his family attends, and we had the opportunity to chat about the annual Christmas Toy Drive that he participates in each year. He was also excited to share that this year, he’d be personally donating a Thanksgiving Feast to a less fortunate family in his community.

Youngest of three, 24-year-old Robby is looking forward to down-time he’ll get during the off-season, and the fact that he’ll be a part of his older sister’s wedding in February.

Signed by the Boston Red Sox as a non-drafted free agent in 2011, Robby has spent the majority of the past two years playing with their Rookie Gulf Coast League, and spent the 2013 season with the Class A Advanced Carolina League, with the Salem Red Sox. He ended his season at .500 with an ERA of .279, after pitching 67.2 innings over 31 games.

25 Questions with Robby Scott

  1. So Robby, what sports did you play growing up?
    I played basketball, football, and ping pong.
  2. What made you decide to stick to baseball?
    It’s the one I was the best at, and I loved baseball.
  3. Was there a player or team that you looked up to, that motivated you to play better?
    I worked towards my passion for the game.
  4. So when you were growing up, at what point did you decide this is what you wanted to do as an adult?
    When I was growing up, I wanted to be an NFL quarterback. In high school, I started to realize I’d rather play baseball. That’s when I got focused on it.
  5. If you weren’t playing with the BoSox org, what would you be doing?
    I have no idea, to be completely honest… I’d probably stick to helping out with the Baseball Team at my high school, St. Thomas Aquinas.
  6. What has been your best baseball-related memory, so far?
    Playin in Omaha in the college Bowl Series when I played with FSU, and winning the Carolina League Championship this year.
  7. In three words, how would your teammates with the Salem Sox describe you?
    Loyal, hardworking, and passionate.
  8. So Robby, if you could put together a Fantasy Baseball team, and you were coaching, who would your ideal 5 starting pitchers be?
    Pedro Martinez
    Randy Johnson
    Jon Lester
    Clayton Kershaw
    Nolan Ryan
  9. Nice! Lots of Cy Young talent in that rotation… what city would your Fantasy team be in?
  10. If you were going to the 2014 ESPYS, what would your outfit of choice be?
    I’d stay classy. Nice lookin’ tux. Maybe a little bowtie action!
  11. If you could nominate someone to be a Sports Babe of the Dayon Babes Dig Balls, who would it be?
    Mike Rodriguez
  12. What do you feel the most sexy in?
  13. With that being said, what do you think a woman is the most sexy in?
    Also nothing…
  14. I see where you’re going with that… So what are the first three things you notice about the opposite sex?
    Boobs, smile, and hair colour
  15. So then what’s your colour preference?
    Blonde… definitely blonde.
  16. We’ll let our blonde readers know! If any of them are interested, are you Single, Dating, or Locked down?
  17. Back to baseball… are you superstitious when it comes to games? Do you have any special rituals you have to do before or after the game? Lucky charms?
    Yeah, I’m superstitious. I go through my own routine before a game, and on days that I know I’ll pitch. I always wear the same undershirt, same arm sleeve, same game socks. That’s about it, really.
  18. Are you a socks up or socks in kind of guy?
    I switched it up halfway through the year this year; Our pitching staff went with the “moustache mafia”. We all grew moustaches, and when I started the moustache, I did socks up!
  19. If you were watching a game, where would your ideal seats be?
    Right behind home plate.
  20. Are there any rumors or misconceptions about baseball players, or even pitchers specifically, that you want to clear up? Or confirm?
    I don’t understand why everybody thinks we’re assholes…
  21. If you were called up tomorrow, what would your walkup song be.
    I’d keep it the same as it has been for awhile –Ray Bands by B.o.B.
  22. Part of working hard, is playing hard. Do you have any secret hangover remedies you can share with us?
    Pedialyte. Yeah, Pedialyte.
  23. Ha, not the first time we’ve heard that one. So what’s something you look forward to doing in the off-season?
    Spending time on my boat! I’ll be coaching at my high school during the off season, and being back with the students will be good. Being with my family is up there too.
  24. Are you a Mama’s boy when you’re home?
    Yeah, absolutely.
  25. So Robby, realistically, five years from now – where do you see yourself?
    Pitching in the big leagues.


Chocolate or Vanilla
Are we talking ice cream? Chocolate

Beer or Wine

Rap or Rock

Smooth or Crunchy (peanut butter)

Cat or Dog

BlackBerry or iPhone

Twitter or Facebook

Sun or Snow
Florida Sun

Coffee or Tea

Salty or Sweet

RomCom or Horror

Talk or text?

Boxers or Briefs?

Day or Night?

Spiderman or Batman?


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