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LAWS ON THE COURT: NBA EDITION, Interesting Start to the Season

It’s been an interesting start to the NBA Season, thus far. What’s going to happen to Derrick Rose? Are the Charlotte Bobcats going to use the original colours when they go back to the Hornets? Did Kobe Bryant sign again with the Lakers, or will he retire there? What happened to the Brooklyn Nets? How are the Raptors in first place in their division? Those are tough questions, but by the end of this article, I will hopefully have answered them, to your liking, if not, tweet me and tell me how I could have done better. I dare you.

Let’s get this started, Derrick Rose is no longer able to play, as he had a season ending injury, and then surgery. He tore his medial meniscus in his right knee, when they played the Trail Blazers on November 22. The injury isn’t as bad as it could have been, but the recovery will be both mental and physical as we saw last season when Rose didn’t step foot on the court. It’s a shame he keeps getting the end of the injury stick, but at least it wasn’t his other ACL. Do you think Rose will be heading into a future of injuries, and what could have been?

Remember the old-school windbreakers in the 90’s, the purple and teal one’s with the Charlotte Hornets logo? Well, you can bust those vintage ‘breakers out next season, as the Charlotte Bobcats will be no longer, and the Charlotte Hornets will rise again. #Excitement

Kobe Bryant still might be on the bench with Lakers in his Armani suit (or Gucci?) but he just signed a contract extension for two years, worth $48.5 million. He said he’s weeks away from coming back, though he is still experiencing soreness to his achilles which he injured last April. He’s definitely making an impact in practice though, and going full throttle.

The Brooklyn Nets were my favorite to win the NBA Championships this year. Hence the word, were. They are the NBA’s most expensive team, and filled with All-Stars, though they are in last place. What a disappointment. Is it time to hit the panic button, and hire a new coach? Jason Kidd was a great player on and off the bench, but I’m not sure he can handle the duties of this team. They are in tough bout, especially when they are without starters Brook Lopez and Deron Williams who both sprained their left ankles, Jason Terry suffering from a bruised left knee, and Andrei Kirilenko with back spasms. It’s only a month into the season, and Jason Kidd is still standing. Will he still be the head coach for the Nets by the end of the season? Will he get another $50,000 fine for intentionally spilling coke onto the court? Like really, who do that?


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