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Sh*t that Went Down This NFL Weekend

This week edition’s of 3rd and 10 is less positive than previous weeks. Partially because Real Sports gave me food poisoning and partially because the NFL wasn’t the most joyous place this weekend. I say that because I watched Buffalo choke. Anywho, top 5 shits that went down. Yes, I pluralized that.
1. Geno Smith’s coaster flew off the tracks
Geno has been a bit up and down for the Jets, hence his genocoaster nick name. This past weekend however the carnie known as the God of Football forgot to oil the track altogether. Geno flew off the rails into that scummy water that sits stagnant full of band aids, puke and the odd shoe underneath the coaster. The result? Matt Simms is starting. That’s what happens after six interceptions in the past 10 quarters.
Brandon Weeden, Jason Babin
2. Weeden is concussed.
The great healthy QB shortage continues. Weeden, who managed to claw his way out of that prison Bain stuck him in, is out. In response the Browns signed QB Caleb Hanie. But it’s looking like Alex Tanney, who has never thrown a pass in the NFL, will start. I’m sorry Browns fans, I really am sorry.
3. A fan died at Arrowhead
After 3 straight losses for the Chiefs things were looking dim. Unfortunately, things got a lot worse when three men got in a fight and one succumbed to his injuries. He wasn’t shot or stabbed and the exact cause of death has not been released. Most chilling is that the fan’s death happened a full year after Belcher shot himself at Arrowhead in front of Chiefs staff and coaches.
Saints Seahawks Football.JPEG-09746
4. The Saints plane broke
I know this isn’t that serious, especially following a post about a dead fan, but still it sucks. The Saints had their asses handed to them by the Seahawks. When it came time to lick their wounds on their ride home it was announced the Saints plane was broken.
during the second half of an NFL football game Sunday, Dec. 1, 2013, in Landover, Md. (AP Photo/Nick Wass)
5. The Officials Screwed Up
The Redskins were facing the Giants when the officials messed up. RG3 was facing a 2-and-5 on his own 41 yard line with 2 minutes left. Garcon caught the ball at the first down marker and the crew moved the chains down without measuring. It appeared to be a first down. RG3 threw the ball to Davis who dropped it. The officials announced it was 4th-and-short with 1:31 left to play. Oops. It becomes more embarrassing when Shanahan said that on that play he said to the ref I wanta measurement and the ref said: ‘You don’t have to, it’s a first down.’”

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