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Sports Babe Of The Day

SPORTS BABE OF THE DAY: Berry Henson, Professional Golfer, Asian Tour Player

Berry Henson has spent the last few days at Q-School attempting to receive his European Tour School card. However, today’s Sports Babe Of The Day didn’t play as well as he would of liked but this challenging feat will not stop him from continuing to peruse his dreams playing professional golf. Henson has been making a name for himself over on the Asian Tour, and it’s not just because he likes to dance!

Henson isn’t your typical golfer, from his bright colors on the golf course to his shining personality, you can tell he likes to have fun. Did we mention he is a Back9Network Ambassador, as well? Be sure to check out this episode of Benson on the Asian Tour Golf Show and it will show you why we love him!

Now, let’s get this interview started!

1. What do you consider your biggest strength on the golf course? Putting? Driving?
My biggest strength on the golf course is my short game. I work really hard to keep my short game at a high level and try to Learn new shots from other players around the greens.

2. What is your favorite club in your bag and why?
My favorite club in the bag is my Rocket Ballz three wood. I have had it in the bag for over a year now and I would cry if it broke. It is my go to club when I need to get the ball in the short stuff!

3. What has been you proudest accomplishment to date and why?
Although I have had some great victories in Asia I still feel my proudest accomplishment was shooting 59 in a Golden State Tournament in 2007 at Mesquite CC in Palm Springs,CA

Berry 44. You currently are an ambassador for the Back 9 Network, how did that come about?
Yes, the Back9Network is a new company related to the lifestyle of golf that focuses more on things outside of tournament golf such as Style, Travel, Celebrities, and exotic golfing destinations. I met a friend in Thailand last year that thought I would be a good fit with my colorful personality on and off the golf course! I have really enjoyed being part of the team and look forward to a long relationship with them.

5. What has been the most challenging Par 3 you have ever played on the golf course?
Wow, this is a tough question but if I would have to pick one it would be number 17 at PGA West stadium course AKA Alcatraz. It plays anywhere from a 6 iron to 8 iron to an island green depending on the wind. PGA Tour school is usually held there and that can be an intimidating hole closing out your round.

6. If you were to model your golf career after anyone, who would it be and why?
I would pick a Tom Lehman or Steve Stricker. They both hit there prime at a late age and both play with intensity but are very humble and classy.

7. Where can we find you if you aren’t on the golf course?
If I am not on the course you might see me in an airplane since I fly about 100k plus miles a year, working out in the gym, dancing at the disco, or chilling at the beach with close friends!

8. If you had the choice of winning one major tournament, which one would it be and why?
I would love to win the US Open. It being my home country’s national championship and played on the toughest set up of the year. I think that would be a great accomplishment.

9. We heard you have a nickname “Beardawg,” tell us how that originated!
Hahaha, yes, that is true. Well. as a kid my family always called me “Bear” and that stuck thru grade school but I think it was around high school when my friends added “Dawg” to it hence “Beardawg” came to life. It has seemed to stick with most of my friends in the US but in Asia they can’t pronounce my name properly so the new nickname I have picked up here is “Belly Handsome” lol.

10. It’s fair to say a lot of people look at golf as “boring”, what do you think you can do to help change that outlook?
Well I have to agree to watch it can be boring and when I am ready to take a nap, sometimes I put on golf! I like to try and interact with the crowd when I have a chance and my colorful Sligo clothing shows my personality a bit. I would love to join the golf boys crew cause I think the videos they produce are great for golf!

11. What is the single best tip of golf advice you have ever received and who gave it to you?
I met Doug Sanders in 2008 and he told me a lot of amazing stories but there was one story that stuck. He told me “that there will be many people in your life that are going to try and bring you down but if you can wake up every morning and look at yourself in the mirror and smile and say I like you, you will be very successful.” I have carried that advice with me and it has truly helped my career.

12. How would your fellow tour professionals describe you in three words?
Laid back, committed, hard-working

13. If you were in charge of picking the menu at The Masters next year for the Champions Dinner what would you serve?
I am a big fan of Thai food since I spend a bulk of my time in Thailand so it would have to be Steamed Sea Bass in a chili lime sauce w/fried morning glory sautéed in oyster sauce. For desert I would have Rotee w/condensed milk.

14. Golfers are starting to spend more and more time in the gym, what do you do to stay in shape?
I have a personal trainer at home in Palm Desert, Ca, Mike Butler and we do a bunch of core strengthening exercises as well as TRX training to keep my flexibility.

berry 515. How do you want to be remembered?
I want to be remembered as not only a good golfer but a great person. I hope to influence many people in my life to become better at what they do and encourage the youth to strive for greatness.

16. Do you think golfing with your significant other can be a good or bad idea and why?
For me I think it’s a great idea especially if she enjoys the game as much as I do. Nothing better then doing something you love with the person you love.

17. If we raided your fridge right now, what would we find?
Well since I am on the road most of the year and in between a place I call home my fridge is empty as of now.

18. For all the readers, we have to ask are you single, dating or locked down?
am single and waiting for the right girl to enter my life.

19. What is your idea of the perfect date?
A long nice dinner, bottle of wine and good conversation!

20. Who would you feature as the next Sports Babe of the Day?
Hmmmm let me think!! 😉

There you have it 20 questions with the talented Berry Henson


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