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LAWS ON THE COURT: The Top 7 Things to Look Forward to This NBA Season!

Are you just as amped up as I am, about the NBA season this year? The fact that Derrick Rose is back on the court, or the Kobe Bryant is close to making a return, just makes me super excited to watch some ball. Did you ever think Dwight Howard would become Hakeem Olajuwon‘s little side project, because I sure didn’t. Or the fact the Raptor’s might actually have a strong chance at making the post-season this year? This is the time for ball.

What are you looking to most? Here’s the top 7 things to look forward to this season!

7. The Derrick Rose Comeback

Yes, he’s finally coming back, the year off did him good, and he’s now back to 110%. He’s one of the top five point guards in the game, and reclaims that spot, when he steps back on the court, opening day. He was limited minutes in preseason ball, but most super stars are. Did you see his numbers? 24 points, 6 assists, 3 rebounds, and 50% shooting from the floor, and 42% deep. He’s back and better than ever. He was able to come back from an ACL surgery, which is a significant injury, silence his critics, and take a year off of basketball. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Bulls managed to knock the Heat out of their quest for their 3-peat.

6. The Heat 3-Peat Dreams Crushed?

I won’t deny they will be a good team this year. They’re stacked, LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, Ray Allen, and company. They’re a remarkable team, but age and injuries are recurring factor with this team. D-Wade and his knee, Lebron with his Ego, and Bosh (there’s always something wrong with him). Would you be surprised if the Miami Heat didn’t even make the playoffs? I would be too. But just think about it, the Brooklyn Nets are stacked now, with Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. The Knicks have added key members, Derrick Rose is back for the Bulls. It won’t be an easy season for the Heat. But if they even get to the finals, now they have the Spurs to contend with, a stacked Clippers team with J.J. and Chris Paul, the Thunder with Kevin Durant, and Russell Westbrook, and then you have the Warriors who shocked everyone last year. The Heat are in trouble this year, and I can’t wait.


5. Dwight Howard as a Rocket

Last year was a super hot mess for Dwight Howard. He was in the shadows of Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash, and he was injured most of the time. There was something always going on with him. He made the best decision this summer, to join the Houston Rockets, and join forces with James Harden and Jeremy Lin. He’s known for his athleticism and strength, but if Hakeem Olajuwon and Kevin McHale can mold him into an offensive player, this team will be a legitimate contender this season.

4. MVP goes to Kevin Durant

Durant has always come in second to Lebron James, throughout his 6 season professional career in the NBA, even though he is 25, he’s at the prime of his career. He posted a phenomenal statistical season last year with 50% field-goal shooting, 40% three-point shooting, and 90% free-throwing shooting and an impressive 4.6 assists per game. This year is his time to shine, to be in the spot light.


3. Kobe Bryant’s Return

It was devastating to see Kobe go down with his torn Achilles last April. Will one of the top ten best players have his career derailed by this injury? Unlikely, it’s the Black Mamba we’re talking about, although he said recently that he has self doubt, in regards to his recovery. He has no lack of motivation, his work ethic is unmatched by anyone else in the NBA. Will he be back by November? Doubt it, but I see him being back my December at the earliest. It’s a hard injury to over come, but I believe will be seeing him on the courts. Maybe he’ll pull a Derrick Rose?


2. The Raptors Making the Playoffs

The Raptors finally have the potential to make it the post season. They have completely refreshed their team. They let go of Colangelo, and hired an old friend Masai Ujiri, who had done some work in the offseason, to restructure the team. They played a pretty good pre-season, a clutch 3-pointer from T.Ross for a double overtime. Their first 14 games will be imperative that they stay above .500. They need to stick together this season, and get off to a strong start. Hopefully they aren’t hit with the “Toronto Curse”, start off strong, and fall apart after the all-star break. Jonas Valanciunas (try saying that 3 times fast) is proving to be one heck of a center, but needs to watch the fouls, DeMar DeRozan and Rudy Gay are playing the best basketball of their careers, and if the team can stay healthy, Toronto might being seeing postseason love.

(Side Note: Praying for the Raptor Mascot to have a fast recovery)

1. Brooklyn Nets 2014 NBA Champions

Have you see the team put together for Jason Kidd’s first year of coaching, talk about amazing. Unlike the Los Angeles Lakers, the Brooklyn Nets actually mesh together, and everyone is aware of each others talents, and their role on the squad. Deron Williams as a point guard, if he can stay healthy will be a huge asset for the team as he is a great offensive player. Put the ball in Joe Johnson’s hands, and he’ll score, Paul Pierce is a remarkable offensive player, he’s like a fine wine, get’s better with age. The Net’s have one of the purest shooters in the NBA, he’s known as Kevin Garnett. Then there is Brook Lopez, a stud on the bench, put a truly great offensive and defensive center man.



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