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The Top 6 NFL Moments This Week

1. Peyton Manning has a lower body injury

Peyton has had a bum ankle for a bit. He has had 2 separate ankle sprains. He had two hits when they played the Jaguars, which is where these injuries began. He had these injuries re aggravated with a massive hit by Mathis when the Broncos played the Colts. When he took to the field against the Chargers Sunday he was gimping. After the game this was all Peyton had to say:
“I feel like the injury report is very revealing to the opponent as well as the folks in Vegas, so I guess somewhere in that lower body.”
Get ready to be scared B’s fan; the Broncos face the Chiefs, the Patriots and the Chiefs again.
Somebody get Peyton the deer antler spray! Where’s Ray-Ray! Bring it out!

2. Locker has a LisFranc injury

Locker is now out for the season for the Titans. Titans fans must be shitting their pants because ol’ Fitzy, the Amish gun, is now at the helm. Locker didn’t have an ACL injury- WHAT- he has a Lisfranc injury. What is that you may wonder? This is when metatarsal bones are displaced from the tarus. Aka, bones dislocate. The worst.

3. Tavon Austin is FAST

I’m a Colts fan and talking about this hurts my heart but, Tavon Austin is ridiculous. In 12 seconds and 98 yards Austin got his first punt return for a TD. That was just the beginning. By the end of the game Austin had racked up 314 yards. This was the second most in Rams history, he also had the second longest punt return for the franchise and the third most in NFL history. On a side note; isn’t it odd that we keep getting these record long punt returns this season?
In other news the Colts forgot how to play Football and this was me:

4. Matt Flynn is working out for the Packers

This is like some freakish odd Disney movie script. Flynn goes from a record breaking game for the Packers in 2011 to the village bicycle for the entire NFL to the Packers AGAIN. I can only assume that Flynn will have the breakout season of his career and the Packers will win the Super Bowl. Obviously.

5. Cutler is hurt AGAIN.

Cutler celebrated his return to the Bears by being demolished again. He had just returned after a groin sprain. I think it was a sprain.. which sounds awful and I can’t imagine positively affected his marriage. Trestman, the Bears coach, kept Cutler in the game when he was obviously injured. Cutler did make some great throws but he finished the game with a left ankle injury and bumps and bruises. He didn’t leave the game until there were just over 2 minutes left. Chicago as a whole wants Trestman’s head on a pole.

6. Richie Incognito attempted to appear human

Richie had an interview with Jay Glazer to try and talk about this whole him being a supposed racist and bully thing. It was not the most convincing appeal. Yet, we have to remember that football players, are well, football players and not politicians. His “I want to give John a big hug” couldn’t have felt less real. However, I don’t think that Incognito is this monster that was out to destroy Martin’s life. I think the NFL has a locker room culture where this behaviour is normal.


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