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Is Tony Romo a Choker?

Tony Romo had one of the best games of his career Sunday. He completed 25 of 36 passes for 506 yards and FIVE touchdowns. he broke a franchise record for yardage. He became the fifth quarterback in NFL history to throw for more than 500 yards with 5 touchdowns. He was an accuracy machine. Even his wife looked surprised.


But then.. Romo did a very Romo thing…

There was 2:06 left in the game. It was tied 48-48 and Dallas had the ball on their own 14 and it was 2nd and 16. Romo threw the ball to Danny Trevathan, but it was picked off.
And then the Romo Bashing began in earnest.
Choke artist. Failure. Loser. Isn’t clutch. Icarus was the nicest insult I heard.
Does it he deserve it?
Well. If you reread those stats again you know that Romo is not a shabby QB. In that game alone he made big plays happen-especially in clutch moments. He actually made a point of being a much more aggressive player than usual. SI points out that Romo has an above average DVOA (opponent adjusted per-play efficiency metric). BUT he does melt under pressure. If he throws a 4th quarter pick the ‘boys lose the game. Football fans will flash back to that choke against the Washington Redskins in the regular season finale and shudder. The thing is that Romo is a talented quarterback with great stats-but he often tries to do too much. At a key moment when he could become a hero he often falls apart and forces a play that should never have been attempted. That was what happened with Trevathan on Sunday. Of course, this can just as easily flip, if completed, and make him the Sunday golden child. Tony though, he has the worst luck… and it didn’t help that he was playing against Peyton Manning, aka the newly crowned QB God of the NFL.


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