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3rd & 10: Indy Blows By The 49ers-Does This Mean Richardson Was A Win For The Colts?

Well it was a very happy Sunday for this sports fan. I think I have mentioned before that I am a die hard Colts fan. Well, this was a big week in Colts land. The Trent Richardson trade dominated every headline. The Colts traded their first round 2014 draft pick in exchange for the former first rounder Trent Richardson from the Cleveland Browns. There was a lot of talk surrounding this this bold trade about whether it was worth it-well, was it?
First off, the Colts crushed the 49ers. This was not supposed to happen. The spread was set at 10.5 favouring the 49ers. This line was set post-Richardson trade. I’m not saying that T-Rich should have swayed the line completely-he is just a lowly running back, but I would hope it would affect the line just a little. I mean the first time that Trent Richardson touched the ball he DID get a touchdown.
Besides the game, as his running was limited, he only ran 13 for 35 yards, the trade is a good one for Indy. They were in need of a talented, young running back. The acquisition of Bradshaw was well thought out. Ballard did well his rookie year but he needed an experienced RB over his shoulder. Once Ballard was out with a season ending injury it would be crazy to think Brown could come in and be productive. Pep Hamilton was using a new offensive scheme that involved running the ball more and that would mean picking up a new running back. I don’t put stock in the argument that running backs are as handy as the closest kid bagging your groceries. Talent is talent and Richardson had it-the Brown’s were not the most conducive to success.
Having a solid running back is also important when considering Luck’s health. Andrew Luck had more drop backs in the last season than any other QB. He was beaten and bruised as his offensive line was as reliable as that three-year-old condom in your wallet. Running the ball more with a productive running back would allow Luck to breathe a little more on his feet, rather than on his back.ESPN is going to tell you that Richardson had a touchdown on his debut and Indy are on their way to making a dynasty. If you watched the game and saw the stats you know this game was not won on Richardson’s back. T-Rich was not involved in much in the back field. Luck did not target him much and his snap count was limited as he is inexperienced with Indy’s play book. However, the game aside, Richardson was a good addition to Indy and he will flourish under Hamilton’s guidance. He will learn patience from Bradshaw and the plays from Pep. Ultimately as a Colts fan, I have to feel good about the trade because even though he averaged 2.7 yards per carry, the Colts won, and T-Rich can only get better from here.


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