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LAWS ON THE COURT: Basketball, Money, Scandal and Living Legends

What do money, scandals and living legends have in common, you ask – well, the answer this week is basketball. During the month of August, basketball does not typically make front page news unless it’s truly outlandish, salacious or legendary. And this week, the hoops gods did not disappoint. Let’s look over some basketball stories you may have missed.

Is Basketball Worth All the Money?

I’m sure you’re saying that basketball just isn’t that expensive … equipment-wise it is not nearly as expensive as some other sports out there that simply require more pieces. Well, what if your basketball cost $13,000? Yes, it’s insane … but, it’s also true. Iconic fashion label Hermes unveiled their basketball, made of handstitched calfskin leather that is supposed to be modeled after its famous Birkin bag (you may remember this from a Sex and the City episode) and promote the newly reopened 12,000-suare foot Beverly Hills “boutique.” (Can a boutique be 12,000 square feet?) There are two of these basketballs in existence and if I had the money, I’d totally buy it. Ha! Had you going there for a minute! Absolutely not, I would never purchase a $13,000 basketball … oh, wait, I’m sorry, it retails at $12,900. That last $100 was really what put me over the edge.

Summer Hoops Scandal

I wish I was talking about the hit ABC show starring Kerry Washington. No, unfortunately I’m talking Dez Wells, former Xavier product and now Maryland Terrapin who was expelled from Xavier after being accused of sexual assault in June 2012. Oh yeah, he also happens to be a basketball player. There was no evidence to prove the allegations but Xavier ruled expulsion as the appropriate course of action. Well, now Dez Wells is filing a lawsuit that alleges Xavier rushed the judiciary process when the sexual assault accusations came to light. The Washington Post article is certainly worth the read. He is seeking damages and an apology following the incident. I’m not sure Wells will get what he’s looking for in the long run but you cannot help but feel for all parties in situations like this.

Jordan: Living Legend

During the NBA season, it feels as though every media pundit and basketball junkie is ready to dethrone Michael Jordan as the greatest player of all time and postulate who is in line to dethrone MJ … and the leading candidate is none other than King James. That debate will go on for quite some time and cannot be truly analyzed until LeBron James retires from the game and both bodies of work can be compared side-by-side. But, until then, LBJ is here to remind us that MJ really is the greatest without a doubt. Check out this Fox Sports interview.


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