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LAWS ON THE COURT, College Basketball Edition: Around the Web

Well, call me crazy but it may be time to start lacing up the Jordans and talk about some college basketball – because that’s what’s happening all around the interwebs these days! I know the madness felt like it was just yesterday and Rick Pitino got his Louisville tattoo not too long ago and we’ll never forget that Kevin Ware injury – but, it’s time for a new year everyone! Student-athletes are starting to arrive on college campuses around the country (if they weren’t there already over the summer) and before you know it, we’ll be ready for some Midnight Madness (the other white meat of college basketball).

Midnight Madness Isn’t Just for College Basketball Anymore

If you’re a college basketball fan like myself, your favorite season begins and ends with madness, just with a different definer. In this case, college basketball begins with Midnight Madness and ends with March Madness – and everything in between is just defined as “awesome.” If you don’t know, Midnight Madness is classically held close to the midnight hour (it’s changed a bit in recent years due to the televised aspect of it) on the first day that all college basketball teams are allowed to practice, as sanctioned by the NCAA. According to Yahoo! Sports, high school football has caught wind of this and they want in!

If you ask me, I’m sure this will catch on because if you’re a sports fan and you get to go to the practice of your favorite team, chances are you’re going – especially if it is essentially a big party with dancing, entertainment, community involvement and general merriment. I do, however, believe that the tradition of midnight madness truly belongs to college basketball and nothing will ever eclipse it. I’m sure high school football will come up with a clever name and “re-package” the great product of announcing the beginning of a season with a big celebration.

Speaking of Midnight Madness, check this video of one of my favorite Midnight Madness moments. Now, I will say, “Hoops Mania” at Villanova happens one week after the start of the season so the Wildcats had an extra week of practice for this sweet dance routine! Also, check out what Forbes has to say about the business of Midnight Madness on college campuses.

All Basketball, All the Time: Sports Overload

When the average sports fan thinks of Super Bowl Weekend, they take it easy on Saturday in preparation for the celebration that will be happening on Sunday. The beauty of the Super Bowl is that you don’t have to have a horse in it, you’re just happy to be around friends with food and drink for days. Sometimes it’s more about the party spread than the two teams on the television.

If you’re a college basketball fan, you may want to prep for a long weekend of food and fun because CBS Sports has leaked that there is quite the basketball tripleheader scheduled for the Saturday before the Super Bowl at historic Madison Square Garden (MSG) and I’ll be honest, I’m excited because my Hoyas will be a part of it. Gary Parrish dropped the knowledge that Georgetown will play Michigan State on Feb. 1, in addition to a BIG EAST matchup between Marquette and St. John’s with an NBA nightcap of the Miami Heat at the New York Knicks. Oh yeah, and the Super Bowl will be played at Metlife Stadium the next day. Get ready for a weekend of epic sports proportions, New York!

College Basketball - suitable drinks

You may want to double that beer order for Super Bowl Weekend 2014!

Introducing Zaire Wade: Next College Basketball Star … in Eight Years

This dropped in late June / July but ICYMI, Dwyane Wade’s son is kind of a boss … and he has a mixtape. Because why wouldn’t a 10-year-old have a mixtape, right? Seriously, this kid has some SICK game. And if you don’t want to feel bad about your skills, don’t watch the video.

Feature Image: Flickr / MattBritt00


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