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LAWS ON THE COURT, NBA Edition: Say What Now?

You know that moment that news breaks and it’s as if your Twitter timeline broke because it was so busy updating itself … I will now refer to that as the Brad Stevens to the Celtics Effect – and we can file that under NBA Say What Now or Things That Trumped #StayD12. Not to worry, there is room for all the nonsense the NBA has to offer here at Babes Dig Balls!

NBA Say What Now? Brad Stevens is the New Celtics Head Coach?

Some of my favorite tweets were when people thought they were getting punk’d, others were pondering his other birthyear compatriots – but whatever the reaction, almost everyone on my timeline had one to the news that the Celtics announced Brad Stevens as the new head coach on Wednesday evening. My reaction was to instantly think that the Celtics twitter handle had gotten hacked and it was all part of some big joke and google “Brad Stevens” news. And you know what I found? This:

Remember that time the Boston Globe gave us 13 candidates for the new Celtics head coach and none of them were Brad Stevens? Yeah, that was the same day they announced Brad Stevens as the new head coach.

So you’re wondering who Brad Stevens is. So you look educated, read this from USA Today. But if you want to steal the “water cooler show” use this Brad Stevens Fun Fact: Kevin Garnett, formerly of the Boston Celtics as of the morning of June 27, 2013, is five months older than newly-appointed Boston Celtics Head Coach Brad Stevens (courtesy of @BIG3Sports). That’s right, had the Celtics kept KG, he’d be older than his coach. Can we get a slow clap for Brad Stevens in one of the greatest rises to fame we’ve ever seen? He turns down UCLA in what some assume is a decision based on “not wanting to manage egos” (according to at least one DC-based sports fan), but then takes the Celtics job only to inherit Rajon Rondo (along with his ego, fashion AND connect four skills). Okay, Brad Stevens, do you. And at the end of the day, you’re banking $22 million over six years and your hire is still not as ridiculous as Jason Kidd. But before we get too crazy and think success for six years at Butler translates to success in the NBA, check the tweet from ESPN Stats Info below:

When he was hired by Celtics, Rick Pitino had .734 D-I win pct and 2 NCAA title game apps. Brad Stevens: .772 win pct, 2 title game apps.

— ESPN Stats & Info (@ESPNStatsInfo) July 3, 2013


NBA Say What Now? #StayD12

Alright, before Brad Stevens broke my Twitter timeline (can someone find out if he’s going to buy me a new one), #StayD12 crushed it. Honestly, why does LA still want him and what are the other teams thinking? There were some colorful tweets that involved photoshopping the Hollywood sign in to “HOWARD” and it all left the babes scratching their heads going, “ummmm … what?” Please tell me if you want Dwight Howard in LA and why. At least Dwight has announced his decision to make a decision … maybe, it IS Dwight Howard after all.

NBA Say What Now? Boston Celtics Kill the Draft / Oh, Canada

Yup, you read that correctly. In a lackluster year for the NBA Draft where there was no CLEAR No. 1, Anthony Bennett (of Canada!) went No. 1 to the Cleveland Cavaliers. And yes, we’re talking about the NBA Draft and NOT the NHL Draft. But, America was all like, “We can’t have Canada trump us” and the Celtics decided to announce that they released KG and Paul Pierce for Kim Kardashian’s ex of 72 days (Kris Humphries), three players who haven’t married and divo’d reality stars and numerous draft picks. They also drafted Kelly Olynyk (yet again, Hail Canada!) and made some interesting decisions. If they were lobbying for high lottery picks next year, I think this will be a swing and a miss because even without a deep roster and a new-to-the-NBA head coach (Stevens), with Rajon Rondo and Jeff Green still on your roster, bad enough for a high pick may be tough. The high lottery hopes award actually goes to the Philadelphia 76ers.

NBA Say What Now? #TankForWiggins

So, it’s not an official trend on Twitter, but if you are a Philadelphia 76ers fan, I’m guessing you have to be hoping that this was the end game following Draft Day 2013. The Sixers chose to trade Jrue Holiday, the only NBA All-Star on the roster and in return got Nerlens Noel and a first-round draft pick from the New Orleans Pelicans in 2014 and drafted Michael Carter-Williams out of Syracuse. Noel is beyond a gamble pick. At best, he’s going to be the greatest Christmas present the Sixers have ever received (as that is the soonest he will be back following his ACL tear and subsequent surgery). At worst, he’s going to be Greg Oden, Sixers Edition and play maybe 17 minutes of actual basketball in his entire career. But if someone from the front office comes out and says, “we’re trying to get a high lottery pick in 2014,” the moves would make so much sense and I think the fans would wish them the best of luck for being honest about it. If Sixers fans start cheering “Tank for Wiggins” (referring to highly-touted future frosh Andrew Wiggins, a Kansas commit), just remember that you read it here first!


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