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If you’re not watching the NBA Finals, you officially have 48 minutes of NBA basketball left this season – BECAUSE IT’S GAME 7! Well, technically, you have AT LEAST 48 minutes of basketball left because if Game 6 was any indication of the direction Game 7 will go in, there is suspense, drama and entertainment waiting for you on Thursday night at 9 p.m… and maybe even some free basketball if this game goes to overtime.

NBA Finals Game 6: What Just Happened?

So, if you’re like me, you were glued to the tv during Game 6. And what happened was phenomenally confusing, awesome, not awesome and ridiculous … All. At. The. Same. Time.

So, let’s recap the vital stats. Tim Duncan was a BEAST in the first half. Chris Bosh can block, for someone who is constantly compared to a dinosaur, his arms were lean, long and up in the air blocking shots. LeBron showed up for nine minutes of some of the most impressive basketball of the 2013 playoffs (sans headband). Tony Parker and Tim Duncan need to be on the court during all clutch plays.

NBA Finals Game 7

Can Tim Duncan and the Spurs become NBA Champions again?

NBA Finals Game 7: What You Need To Know

Home Court: It’s been 35 years* since the road team has won Game 7 (sorry, San Antonio) but if you saw Game 6, I’m not sure a home court advantage means much for Miami. The fans were exiting the building before regulation was over, let alone overtime! It’s a fairweather fan base that doesn’t stay loud for all 48 minutes of basketball. In my mind, home court means very little in this case.

#NoHeadband: What’s the first thing people will be looking for when coverage starts on Thursday? Is LeBron wearing the headband – yes or no? LeBron had an EPIC fourth quarter and it all started with the loss of his iconic headband and his decision to not return with it. Truth be told, I hope he’s wearing the headband just so I can easily find him on the court … and maybe for some superstitious reasons. Thanks to for compiling the best tweets of the #NoHeadband trend on twitter. Check the video below for why it was trending and why there is now a @lebronsheadband twitter handle!

Spurs Defense: Yes, LeBron had an EPIC fourth quarter … but part of the reason it was as outstanding as it was is that the first three quarters were so un-amazing. And let’s give credit where it is due – that stifling Spurs defense needs to figure out what they did to shut him down, bottle it and save it for 48 minutes of basketball for Game 7.

Conspiracy Theory: Is the fix in? Well, I honestly cannot tell you that. But if you’re in to that theory, then some news broke that will make you more of a believer. Some time on Tuesday, images of the new LeBron James shoe leaked on the internet … and it went crazy. Not because the shoe is so hot, though, it is pretty sweet … more importantly, the shoe has an inscription of “2-TIME CHAMPION” and “11-12 12-13” on the sole. The only consoling news I can give you is that if the fix ISN’T in, think of all the good Nike could do with the shoes? They could recycle them or even send them to the same company that distributes all the t-shirts for the losing SuperBowl teams to children in need (WorldVision).

* How excited are you that I gave you a footnote in this entry? Well, here’s my fun fact of the day. The last time the road team won Game 7 in the NBA Finals? Well it was 1978 and my (once) beloved Washington Bullets defeated the Seattle SuperSonics. How sad is it that these two teams do not currently exist in those capacities anymore? My Bullets became the Wizards and it seems as though there is no chance of going back to the Bullets. And the SuperSonics booked it out of Seattle and headed to the great state of Oklahoma and boasts a roster with Kevin Durant, only my favorite player in the NBA.


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