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LAWS ON THE COURT, 2013 NBA Playoffs Edition: Lebron James vs. Tim Duncan

Remember that time I told you to watch the NBA Playoffs (specifically for the Eastern Conference Finals) because there was a good chance it was going to a Game 7, one of the most exciting moments in all of sports? Well, I did and it did … but the game did not live up to its moniker. Oh well. Glad it went that far anyway.

So, what have we learned? The Fightin’ BronBrons (aka Miami Heat) are somewhat vulnerable but you never know when LeBron James will put on a clinic … and the seemingly older than 31-year-old body of Dwyane Wade still has some good games left in it.

The stage has been set for the NBA Finals with the Miami Heat taking on the San Antonio Spurs. But the more important thing to note is that everyone LOVES the conversation that questions, “is anyone as good as MJ?” And, in my opinion, it will always go to His Airness, Michael Jordan. As in, zero question. But for the sake of arguing for the spot of “1B” and the fact that it will be brought up after this series regardless … there will be someone in the discussion. And the options will be LeBron James or Tim Duncan.

Greatest Player Ever 1B Nominee: Tim Duncan, San Antonio Spurs (2013 NBA Playoffs Finals)

If the Spurs win this series, the man has five rings. And two of them would be against BronBron. That’s kind of a big deal. But Tim Duncan has always gone somewhat unnoticed and been the “quiet champion” so to speak. That is, until, TMZ reported recently that he was too busy to get divorced … which, in all honesty isn’t untrue. The man is in the NBA Finals for crying out loud! Duncan has four rings (1999, 2003, 2005, 2007), three NBA Finals MVPs (Tony Parker got the nod in 2007), and he’s a two-time NBA MVP (2002, 2003). The man is a great player … greatest ever? Well, you know my opinion on that. But he’s a great team player and I dig that.

Greatest Player Ever 1B Nominee: LeBron James, Miami Heat (2013 NBA Playoffs Finals)

It sounds like the obvious choice. Of course LeBron is better than Tim Duncan. If you’ve read this far, then I assume you have some faith in my basketball knowledge. But if Miami wins this series, LeBron has two rings. And as much as he is a GREAT player and does sick things on the court … he’s at two rings. He couldn’t win without the supporting cast. So, he’s on the same level as Tim Duncan … but has fewer rings. Would I put my money (though I’m not a betting gal) on LeBron in a one-on-one game against Duncan? ABSOLUTELY! You’d be crazy not to! But, when discussions like this happen, doesn’t it really just come down to hardware?

But honestly …

There’s no contest. Why are we even discussing this?

NBA Playoffs - MJ > Tim Duncan

I hope everyone watches these finals – NBA Finals Game 1 is on Thursday, June 6 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC. Get excited, and if nothing else, you have great water cooler chatter about the NBA Playoffs after reading this!


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