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LAWS ON THE COURT: 2013 NBA Playoff Edition, Playoff Fashion

It’s the NBA Playoffs and what I think is rivaling the play on the court right now is the FASHION when the players aren’t in uniform. The best part of my morning is going on twitter and seeing the twitpics and instagrams of what happened in postgame pressers the night before (sorry, I have to get my babely sleep, I can’t stay up for all those pressers!) So what better than to celebrate the fashion (and fashion faux pas!) right here on Babes Dig Balls! Never have I been so excited to see two of my favorite things come together – sports (NBA Playoffs no less) and fashion!

Versace, Capris Suits and Monocles, Oh My! (NBA Playoffs Fashion)

Let’s start with the biggest news grabber. Dwyane Wade is becoming infamous for his off-the-court fashionthese days. I think around the time I heard talk of Versace’s Fall 2013 line on ESPN’s Sportscenter, my mind was officially blown. The piece in question is Versace’s Flower Explosion Bomberjacket and it retails for $1,925 – check it on Versace’s website.

NBA Playoffs, fashion

Screenshot from sky2847 “Inside the NBA clowning on Dwyane Wade’s jacket” / YouTube

But, you know what? Versace is sooooooooo last week. What’s in this week? Capri suits … WAIT FOR IT … in a polka dot print. What does that look like? Well, thank goodness for YouTube and technology! Check it below – also, my FAVORITE assessment was from Kevin Hart’s Instagram – just click the link, better than to type it out here on this far friendlier blog!

So, we’ve seen the Versace, we all now know what a polka dot capri suit looks like on a man who is 6-4 … but what was all that monocle talk that I teased you with in the header? Oh, don’t you worry – I’ve got that too!

The monocle comes courtesy of former Georgetown Hoya (and one of my favorite alums!) and current Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert (@Hoya2aPacer). Hibbert said he was going to wear the monocle (rather than just bring it to the podium) but was advised not to before going to the presser. Well, luckily he cleared that up for us and even showed it off. Thankfully Turner Sports/CNN sports journalist Rachel Nichols snapped a photo for us and put it on twitter.


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