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LAWS ON THE COURT: NBA Edition, First Round Defeat & 7-Game Series

There were some big upsets in the first round, surprises, defeat and a 7-game series. The first round has come and gone, so what’s more fun then a top 5 memorable moments? The Top 5 surprises, defeats and 7-game series in the first round.

5. Memphis Surprise Fans by beating the Clippers

A hard fought battle between two great teams, ended up in a surprising loss of the LA Clippers in the second round. Memphis fought hard, with the amazing talent of Mike Conley, Tony Allen, Tayshaun Prince, Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol. The Memphis Grizzlies, had some of the loudest fans I have ever heard, I think they are a part of the amazing defeat as well. The LA Clippers lost Blake Griffin in their fifth game to a sprained ankle, and Chris Paul was playing the a bruised left thumb. Now the Grizzlies have a tougher battle, the Oklahoma Thunder.


4. New York Knicks win it in Six

I couldn’t believe for a second, that the Boston Celtics pushed this series to six games, I thought they would go to seven. The Knicks came out strong with the first three games, than some how (refs) the Celtics won the fourth and fifth game. The reffing was horrible in this series, it should have been a 4 game series. New York is now taking on the Indiana Pacers, and they are already 0-1.

3. Golden State Warriors Defeat the Nuggets

Denver came out clinching the first game of the series, than they lost 3 straight, they couldn’t pull it together, not even for their fans. They won 15 straight against different teams, but somehow couldn’t stop Stephen Curry, the 3-point wonder. Golden State definitely deserves this series win, they fought hard, when no one, not even me saw them leaving the first round winning. If they use the 3-point wonder, the hard knock grit than im sure they’ll win. If they pray hard enough.

2. Triple OT Game Bulls vs. Nets Game 4

It was definitely one of the most insane games, I watched during the first round. In just 15 minutes of bonus action, the teams managed to combine for 121 more points than their score in game 3 (79-76). If anything the 5 players who fouled out, 2 of which were out of the starting line up for the Nets, didn’t help their situation. The nets single handedly pulled off the biggest choke job, I’ve seen since watching Luongo in the playoffs.

1. Zach Randolph & Blake Griffin Getting Physical

Get your mind out of the gutter, not that type of physical. Randolph body slammed Griffin into the floor :while “defending the basket”. The refs, really had no idea what to do, look at their faces!


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