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3rd & 10: The 5 Underrated Best Picks of the 2013 NFL Draft

It was a crazy three days. A total of 254 men are now signed to their new NFL team. It took hours of planning from each team to create a strategy for which player they would pick. The players spent countless hours honing their talent and performing to get on each NFL team. Now the process of which team locked down the best talent begins-because the first pick doesn’t always mean the best pick.


1. Manti Te’o- San Diego Chargers

You can argue with me on this one. Manti was expected to be a round one pick previous to December. He showed promise and looked to be ahead of his competition from other schools. However, three things happened to him in 2013 that dropped his stock. First, there was the lackluster performance at the BSC title game. Second, there was the dead, fake, girlfriend fiasco. And thirdly, there was the poor 40 he ran at the combine.

Here’s the thing though; he is a solid player. All of that talent he showed previous to January is still there.


2. Cornellius “Tank” Carradine- San Francisco 49ers

Tank dropped because of his knee injury that he suffered at Florida State in his final season. However, he was easily the best in his class. The value of drafting Tank is based on a team that can afford to wait for him to heal. The 49ers are exactly that team as they do not suffer from a lot needs in their roster.


3. Eddie Lacey- Green Bay Packers

Lacey was easily the best running back of his class. He was expected to go a lot earlier than no. 61 in the second round. However, it is thought that a lot of teams passed on him due to a toe injury. At least this is what is being reported on why the Steelers passed him up. The Packers will give Lacey a big role as teams will be concentrating on stopping Aaron Rodgers first and foremost. Lacey’s a workhorse and his size doesn’t take away from that. He is a solid value pick for the Packers.


4. Shariff Floyd- Minnesota Vikings

Shariff was expected to go in the top 5. Yet, for unknown reasons he did not go until late in the first round. This is usually because of some character flaw or a failed drug test. However, we haven’t heard of anything negative to do with Floyd. It is a mystery as to why he was not drafted early, but he’s a steal for the Vikings as long as it is nothing serious. He’s an explosive defensive tackle that can really shake things up. The Vikings win here.


5. Keenan Allen- San Diego Chargers

Keenan is a tentative steal of a pick. He hurt his knee in November; suffering from a Grade 2 PCL tear. This is why his stock plummeted. His injury also kept him from participating in the NFL Scouting Combine. Previous to the injury he was an easy first round draft. He had 17 touchdown catches over his three seasons in California. As long as he heals nicely he should be a big talent at the wide receiver position for the Chargers.


Agree, disagree? Comment below.


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