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LAWS ON THE COURT, College Basketball Edition: Don’t Call Them Cinderella #DunkCit

If you haven’t heard by now, the new “it” school is Florida Gulf Coast. Still not sure what school I’m talking about? You may know them better as #DunkCity! I sure got to know them last Friday when they stunned my Georgetown Hoyas and busted my brackets – one night after Harvard busted my West Region. In short, as a participant in the Babes Dig Balls March Madness Drinking Game (haven’t played yet? you can play today, Friday, Saturday and Sunday!), I was taking shots for my fallen Final Four teams. Just take a look at what @ESPN said about that game on Friday night:

But just because the Eagles killed my bracket, and subsequently the postseason for the very team I work for, does not mean I cannot enjoy them. If you haven’t seen it yet, you need to check out the Dunk City video below. I’m not sure I can declare it a video gone viral, but it did blow up my twitter TL, as did GIFs of dunks from both the Friday night game and FGCU’s win over San Diego State on Sunday. Watch the video first:

Here’s the particulars on Dunk City – this is the first NCAA tournament the Eagles have played in and only its second season of being eligible for the tournament. They are the first 15 seed in the history of the tournament to advance to the Sweet 16 (four team advance from four regions – they were tabbed 15th in THEIR REGION) and in short, they have become media darlings. But don’t call them a Cinderella story just yet. Their story is awesome, but it’s not about overcoming a wildly low seeding – it’s about the most fun team to watch in March Madness. It’s hard not to love a team who plays this dynamic and exciting brand of basketball where it’s all about the uptempo and flash vs. the boring and stodgy defensive ways of basketball powerhouses like Georgetown, a team that earlier in the season defeated Tennessee in a thrilling (sarcasm) 38-37 win. Yup, 40 minutes of basketball and neither team broke 40 points.

So, yes, FGCU busted my brackets and the above video taunts my favorite team that also happens to be one of my alma maters. But that doesn’t mean that I’m not rooting for Dunk City on Friday. Of course I’m rooting for the team with talent and most of all fun. Step aside stuffy schools from big conferences – the best parts of my first weekend of March Madness involved Marshall Henderson and Dunk City. I won’t go as far as the fan in the feature image though. Not quite ready to ink myself for the Eagles – but glad Dunk City is catching on!


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