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3rd & 10: Free Agency Frenzy

It’s that time of year again. It’s free agency time in the NFL!
This is basically what keeps NFL addicts, such as myself, alive in the offseason.
It features rumors, private workouts, bold predictions and big money.
Teams were allowed to officially starting chatting to players on Saturday and signings can begin March 12th 2013. It’s only the 11th today; but there are already some amazing rumors. Let’s take a look:

Mike Wallace to Miami. Miami has money and they need some, well, a bunch of talent. They also need someone to have their QB Ryan Tannehil throw to. They already resigned one of their receivers for way to much money (Brian Hartline).
Now there are rumors that the team wants, and is aggressively pursuing the Steeler’s Mike Wallace. Wallace is probably the hottest player on the trading block. He is very talented and only 26. This also means he is going to be A LOT of money. He makes sense for Miami. He will sell tickets, he will help Miami get a new stadium and he will be a nice deep threat on the field. With $33 million to spend they can spend it.
P.S. They will also want Welker.

Reggie Bush to ?. Reggie Bush is leaving Miami. The veteran running back will demand the biggest money he can get. Of course, he’s a running back so it will probably be around his $4.5 million that he is getting already. He brings more value than his on field performance. He will sell tickets because of his name. He will also be a good leader to the team that picks him up. Despite what Bill Polian says, I still see him getting a similar paycheck.

Wes Welker to… The Patriots. Let’s be honest here. Wes Welker is not going anywhere. I think it’s cute that he and the Patriots are having this little spat, but they will make up. They are like that couple that you know will be together till the end of time, but bicker constantly. Welker wants more money and the Patriots don’t want to pay for it. In the end Welker will ‘flirt’ with other teams but will take the money the Patriots are willing to hand over.

Paul Kruger to the Browns or Colts. The Ravens Kruger is going to be making some major money. Since the Ravens are having a bit of a cap space issue (cougghh flacco coouughh), he will not make it with them. The Colts and Browns both have the money to spend. He could make $9-10 million. He has the sixth best grade of any 3-4 rush linebacker in the league and had the highest productivity at that position last year. Crazy money all the same.

Greg Jennings to.. Yeah, Jennings. He is a big name that no one wants. He’s 30 and ready to leave the Packers. He had a less important role this last season as the the Packers replaced him on the field. He wants to cash in with a new team. The problem is the two teams that need receivers, Miami and Tennessee, are not interested. Or at least they are saying they aren’t. Stay tuned.

Danny Amendola to the Eagles. Yeah, I can see that. I am NOT a fan of spending big money on Amendola. He has durability issues and no matter what I keep hearing he is not the poor man’s Wes Welker. Don’t get me wrong; he is a great slot receiver- when he’s healthy. He has only had one full 16 game season in the past 4 years. The Eagles have $29 million in cap space and Chip Kelly has a team to fix.. but… do you wager on Amendola not falling apart??

There are way more rumors, but these are the best of the big names.
Sit tight, we are in for a wild ride.


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