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Top 10: Best NHL Hockey Flow on Instagram and Twitter

Welcome to BDB’s Top Ten. This week will be dedicated to everyone’s favourite classic athlete hairstyle: Flow!

This sacred hockey hair is an integral part of the hockey community, with almost every player having grown it at some point in their career. It has been said to take a player’s game to unparalleled levels and give them magical “wheeling” powers with the ladies. There are websites devoted to perfecting the art of growing flow, and online support forums for those having trouble growing out their luscious locks. Friendships are formed over admiring a fellow player’s beautiful hair, and rivalries are born when disrespecting it.

It’s a lifestyle maintained only by the brave, and if you dare scroll on, you will feast your eyes on the top 10 pictures of NHL players with the best hockey flow on Instagram/Twitter!

Here we go!


10. Steven Stamkos, Tampa Bay Lightning

This elite forward has been sporting his long blonde mop for the past year or so, and we hope it’s a long-term commitment. With two Maurice Richard Trophies under his belt (2010 and 2012) as the league’s leading goal-scorer, Stamkos seems to have good fortune every year he grows it out.


9. David Booth, Vancouver Canucks

Now that he is playing in one of the best hockey cities in the world, Booth is finally getting some recognition for the suave flow he’s been working on while flying under the radar. We’re hoping it’s brought him some luck on the ice after a major concussion derailed his 2009-2010 season.

David Booth on a hunting trip


8. Matt Moulson, New York Islanders

Moulson is a steady forward for the Islanders who brings not only his skilled hands to the ice, but also his sweet flow. We love nothing more than seeing a great player grow some great hair, and Matt seems to have the formula down.

Matt Moulson with a young fan


7. Henrik Zetterberg, Detroit Red Wings

Zetterberg uses a special European combination of playoff beard and flow to charm his way into this top 10. His mane is classy but not flashy, flowdacious but not out of control, greased but not overdone; all of which essentially make up the perfect combination.

Henrik Zetterberg posing with the Stanley Cup


6. Erik Karlsson, Ottawa Senators

Going into his third year in the NHL, Karlsson has been ripping up the league, winning the James Norris Trophy last year as the NHL’s best defenseman and becoming the only player under the age of 23 to win the award. Unfortunately, there’s no award for best hair because if there were, this young Swedish star would definitely be a top contender with his groomed and delicate flow.

Karlsson speaking to the media


5. Tyler Bozak, Toronto Maple Leafs

Along with warming our hearts with his strong and ever-improving performances on the ice, the Leafs’ underrated centre forward has slowly crept into the top five of our Top 10 Best NHL Hockey Flow. Where this glorious flow came from nobody knows, but we’re glad it’s there and we’re hoping “Flozak” uses its special powers to propel the Leafs into the playoffs this season.

Bozak on a hunting trip


4. Scott Hartnell, Philadelphia Flyers

We have never seen someone rock such an amazing mane of curls as well as Scottie does, and we were heartbroken when he cut it a few years ago. Lucky for us, it seems to be growing back better than ever and we can now enjoy his frizzy, gingery flow again.

Scott Hartnell taking a selfie - they're human too!


3. Peter Mueller, Florida Panthers

Despite being plagued with various injuries throughout his young career, we think Mueller’s long and feathery flow should be enough to get him by. Even though it is a tad on the messy side, his untamed tresses are a sight for envious eyes as they fly out of the back of his helmet like a cape. We know all about the hard work that goes into growing hair that long and we salute you, Peter!

Peter Mueller mid-shot


2. Kris Letang, Pittsburgh Penguins

The Pens’ skilled defenseman has had his beautiful flow for as long as we can remember, and no one comes close to reaching the sleek and silky texture his displays on such a regular basis. Letang’s hair looks perfect even during the middle of a scrap or dripping with sweat after a game, and quite frankly, it makes us jealous!

Kris Letang


1. Patrick Kane, Chicago Blackhawks

Number one obviously goes to Pat Kane, the man who took hockey flow to a whole new level and can be credited with bringing back the infamous mullet hairstyle. It makes us both cringe and swoon at the same time, but with a Stanley Cup already under his belt, it seems as if the mystical powers of hockey flow have worked their magic.

Patrick Kane's infamous 2010 playoff mullet-flow


Got any other suggestions or think we’re missing someone’s glorious flow?


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