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SPORTS BABE OF THE DAY: Kevin Hayes, Chicago Blackhawks Prospect

Sports Babe Of The Day Presents: Kevin Hayes, Chicago Blackhawks Prospect @KevinPHayes12

21-year-old Kevin Hayes is powering through his last season at the “Heights” aka #2 Boston College. Drafted in the first round in 2010, the Chicago Blackhawks scooped him up at the 24th pick. This standout senior is one major catalyst in BC’s triple threat top line. Whether it’s Dishing out passes or burying the biscuit Kevin is sure to bring that “Dot Rat” swag reeling in the votes as a Hobey Baker finalist.

1. Drafted by Chicago in the 2010 draft- what was your first reactions and outlook when you heard your name get called in the first round at 24?

Hearing my name was a dream come true. It was something that I have worked my whole life for and when I heard my name that night it was quite the relief. At the same time it was a wake up call to keep working because this was just the first step in the process.


2. Not all athletes are class acts with that being said, How do you conduct yourself on and off the ice? Do you consider yourself a role model?

I try to represent myself in a professional manner. I am lucky enough to have my brother play in the NHL as well so I try to follow him as much as possible. I try to make sure I am not embarrassing myself, my team and my family when I do things.

3. Every player makes their own path toward the NHL, you are taking the good old college route at Boston College, what is one of your favorite memories so far at the Heights ?

So far I have had some pretty amazing memories here at the heights but if I had to choose some I would have to pick winning the national championship in 2010 and winning the beanpot every year so far.

4. Battling back from a season ending injury last year- what was your mentality and how hard was the rehabbing?

Last year when I injured my leg, I was very close to never being able to play hockey again so it was a wake up call. It taught me that I cannot take this whole sport for granted and made me realize that I need to work harder and keep getting better. The rehabbing was pretty difficult. I was in the hospital for 14 days and off skates for about 5 months. Our strength coach and athletic trainer here at school are a huge part of my success this year.

5. Most recently, you (along with the rest of your line) have been nominated for one of college hockey‘s most prestigious awards the Hobey Baker- how cool is it to be in that category with two of your friends ?

It is quite the honor to be nominated for that award. To just read about the players who have won this award in the past is pretty amazing. Also to be nominated with two of my best friends is pretty special as well. We just try to stay humble and keep playing our game though. Individual accolades isn’t what we are interested in here at BC.



6. Assuming that playing hockey has been a lifelong goal of yours-Was there ever a team you didn’t make or someone who discouraged your dream along the way? How did you handle that?

Yes. My 8th grade year I got cut from my high school team. I was pretty rattled about this and this was a major point in my hockey career. Made me realize that not everything was going to be handed to me and that I had to work to accomplish my goals.

7. Does doing live interviews, media and having cameras in your face come easy to you or has it been a bit of an adjustment?

I think of my self with a very outgoing personality so I feel like dealing with the media comes easy.

8. What’s your pregame routine or any superstitious things that you do?

My pregame routine involves a pre game skate, then usually eating the same thing before every game. Then right before game time, I listen to the same playlist on my iphone. I’m really not that superstitious so I got nothing for that.

9. If not hockey, what else in life could you see yourself doing?

I would have to try to be a professional golfer.

10. As a D1 college athlete who’s working towards turning pro -how much do you think strength and conditioning contributes to your on ice game, especially on making such a big transition after college ?

I think strength and conditioning plays a huge role in my game and for when I work towards getting to the NHL. Every guy up there is strong and fast and if you can not keep up, you will not be there for long.

11. Is there a specific coach or coaches who have made an impact on your career?

Jerry York and Brian Day

12. There are several pairs of brothers who are in the NHL together, on that note – what’s it like to have played with your brother Jimmy (Florida Panthers) in college and potentially against him at such high levels?

It was pretty amazing playing with my brother here at BC. He made the transition into college very easy for me and also taught my how to conduct myself. Playing against him would be interesting. I am not sure how that would turn out.


13. Most memorable hockey related moment(s) or accomplishment as of yet?

I’m going to have to go with winning the National Championship in 2010

14. What’s your ideal type of date?

Just something fun that isn’t awkward. If it works out then dinner the next time.

15. There’s been more controversial calls and suspensions than ever before in the game- how hard is it being a player and making a split second decision on whether to hit someone or not?

The game of hockey makes you make decisions at such a quick pace so injuries are bound to happen but I do not think anyone in this game attempts to injure anyone.

16. Has there been a surreal moment yet or a realization that you are living out your dream (as well as every little hockey players dream)- playing college hockey and being drafted to the NHL?

Ya every time the little kids come around to our practices and games kind of makes me realize everything I have. To be able to play at Boston College and to be drafted by the Chicago Blackhawks is something that not everyone has the chance to do and for me to have that is something really special.

17.What is something you enjoy doing in your downtime or in the offseason?

Basically just hanging with friends. Also trying to get my golf game up.

18. Name one embarrassing hockey related moment?

My freshman year of highschool, I went on the ice with my skate guards before the season even started.

19. Are you a trash talker? How do you respond to others chirping you?

I try not to be and just play my game. I usually just take it.

20. What do you want to be remembered for?

I want to be remembered for being a hard working, team first type of player while being a good person as well.

Hot Seat With Kevin Hayes

Name one player you’ve played against that you are still in awe of? Johnny Gaudreau

Favorite college rink? Maine

Favorite store? Lulu

Name a fear that you have? Bugs

What is your favorite show that you follow? Entourage or One Tree Hill

Whats your go to pump up jam? Gotta Have it- Jay Z

Whats your perfect meal? Chicken Parm

Name a unique fact about you that nobody would ever guess about you (not hockey related)? I am the youngest of 5

Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate

Gatorade or Powerade? Gatorade

Going to the movies or Netflix ? Netflix

Beach house or ski house? Beach

Long or short hair? Long

Home or Away Jersey? Home

Chocolate chip or Oreo? Oreo

Steak or chicken? Chicken

Ice cream or cake? Ice cream

Boxers, Briefs or Boxer Briefs? Briefs

Dogs or cats? Dogs

Bauer or Reebok? Bauer

Dressed up or casual? Casual

Comedy or action? Comedy

Backward or forward hat? Backward

MacBook or iPad? Macbook

Rap or rock? Rap
Who would you recommend that babely enough to be the next Sports Babe Of The Day? Johnny Gaudreau


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