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Sports Babe Of The Day

#ThrowBackThursday SPORTS BABE OF THE DAY: Erin Sharoni, CNBC Sports Biz Co-host

Hey guys, have you got your shades on? Well quick, go get them! This Sports Babe of The Day, Erin Sharoni, is so hot she sizzles! The heat may be too much to handle.

Erin is the definition of a modern day Renaissance woman. Her interests, education and career have extended to almost every sector of life you can imagine. Whether she’s been a swim coach or personal trainer, a model or working on Wall Street, she has never ceased to amaze us. Her resume and capabilities are beyond impressive, but add to that her jaw-dropping good looks and stunning physique and boom, you have Wonder Woman!

Erin came into her present-day career while modeling a new line for FILA. There she met Darren Rovell who introduced her to the power of Twitter. Her 140 character count was noticed by St. John’s University and Erin soon became the St. John’s basketball sideline reporter.
Erin didn’t stop there, though. Her story has come full circle as she is now the sideline reporter with Darren Rovell on CNBC Sports Biz: Game On.

Okay guys, if you haven’t fallen in love by now, here are a dozen more reasons to vie for Erin’s attention; she loves boxing, snowboarding and surfing as well as the NY Mets, Knicks, Jets and Rangers. Add to that she is an actress, dancer and musician along with being a nutrition and fitness expert!

This babe is hot, hot, hot and a one in a million kind of lady. We know it’s hard to take your eyes off this beauty but let’s get to a few of the burning questions that you all may have in:


(1.) What has been the hardest struggle that you have faced in your life and how did you overcome it?
Learning to let go of who I thought I SHOULD be, and learning to embrace who I AM. Before working in television and sports, I worked in an industry (finance) that I disliked in jobs that made me really unhappy, for about 5 years. I was pretty “lost” during that period of my life—by lost, I mean that I wasn’t being true to myself. I pushed my passions and dreams aside in an attempt to be financially successful—it was the hardest but the greatest lesson I ever learned: No amount of money can buy you happiness. You need to do what you love, live from the heart; only then will you find true success.

(2.) What is your proudest accomplishment to date?
Getting to where I am right now. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have been granted the opportunities I have now, but it’s by no means been an easy road! I’ve sacrificed a lot to get there. If you had asked me a few years ago if I thought that I’d be on NBC Sports Network one day, I don’t think I’d have said yes.

(3.) If you could interview any athlete right now who would it be and why?
Does The Rock count as an athlete? He’s the ultimate entertainer, and I’m fascinated by how successfully he’s been able to create multiple personas (wrestling star versus Hollywood actor). Would love to pick his brain.

(4.) What is your favorite workout routine?
Variety is key, so I’m always mixing it up. Right now I’m loving my TRX training workouts—so versatile, and I’m always sore the next day, which is great. For cardio I usually do a StairMaster/treadmill combo, jumping back and forth between the two at different intervals/paces to really challenge myself and get the heart rate up. My favorite form of exercise by far is dance—I grew up dancing—but finding a dance class isn’t always convenient.

(5.) Do you have a life statement or motto that you live by and if so will you share it with us?
My dad’s constant words of advice throughout my life were always: “Grow where you are planted and you will blossom.” Meaning, be true to yourself, embrace who you are, and you will find success.

(6.) What type of music do you like?
What does your current iPod playlist have on it? Music is one of the most important things in my life. From a young age, I don’t think I ever did anything without music—even our family dinners had a soundtrack (my father is as much of a music freak as I am). Growing up in NYC in a musical family, I was exposed to pretty much everything…and so I love ALL types of music. Everyone says that, but I actually mean it! I’m an electronic/dance music junkie, and I used to DJ back in the day, so I always have house or trance music playing. Here’s a sample of the current artists on repeat in my iPod playlist. Everything from hip-hop to country: M83, Lupe Fiasco, Paul Simon, Brantley Gilbert, Kaskade, Deadmau5, Rihanna, Ellie Goulding, Stevie Wonder, Wale, Idan Raichel Project and Childish Gambino.

(7.) There’s one burning question that all the hunks are waiting to know the answer to: Are you single, dating or totally taken?
Hah! Well, if there are hunks waiting to know, please send them my way… I am single. I have an incredibly busy schedule and am certainly focused on my career, so I wouldn’t say that I am looking to rush in to a relationship, but I would love to be dating someone if the right guy presented himself. New York City can be a lonely place!

(8.) What type of qualities do you look for in a guy and what would be your description of a perfect date?
All of the general requisites apply: Smart, funny, kind, chivalrous—everyone wants those. I’d definitely want someone to be just as driven and passionate about their career as I am. I’m a sports fanatic and health/fitness freak, and I can’t imagine dating anyone who isn’t. Physical attributes are just as important, to be honest. If you’re not attracted to a person, it doesn’t matter how nice or smart they are. I like athletic guys and height is a game-changer. I’m a tall gal (5’8”) and I can’t be with anyone who’s the same height as me when I’m in heels! Is there such a thing as a perfect date? I think what makes a date “perfect” is the company and the chemistry…that said, I’d love to go to a game in a playoff series (NHL or NBA)…sharing that kind of excitement is always fun.

(9.) What is the last movie you went to see and what did you think about it?
I’ve been so busy that I rarely go to the movies and can’t recall what I saw last…I do recall the last movie that I saw in theaters and actually remember enjoying: “Immortals.” Pretty sure I was one of only 5 people in the U.S. who liked it.

(10.) Do you have a celebrity crush and if so who is it?
I’ve never been particularly star-struck by anyone, but I recently discovered William Levy. Oh my. Just Google him, girls.

(11.) If we opened your refrigerator right now, what would we find?
I’m a health freak with a ton of dietary restrictions, so my refrigerator is pretty wacked out. Right now I’m looking at: Kale, aloe vera juice, green apples, raw hemp seeds, rice protein powder, flaxseed oil, hummus, rice milk, carrots. There’s also a tupperware container full of some unidentified substance sitting there in the back…need to throw that out.
(12.) Who or what has been your inspiration and/or motivation in your life?
My family has been my inspiration. I’m blessed to have an amazing family—wacky as they may be—that loves and supports me.

(13.) Where is your favorite place to surf and why?
Costa Rica is the best place I’ve ever surfed—southern part, in the Nicoya Peninsula. It’s such an amazing country with such a great vibe and incredible people. Nothing beats the scenery there and certainly, nothing beats Costa Rican coffee!

(14.) You were an U.S. Junior Olympic-certified swim coach. Can you tell me a little about your coaching style and what was your favorite experience as a coach?
My coaching style was inherited in large part from the woman I coached under; she was a former Soviet Olympian, and one tough cookie. I learned, however, that it was important to find the balance between pushing hard and also being encouraging—confidence can’t be built without encouragement, but encouragement without constructive criticism serves no one. Can’t single out a favorite experience in particular because every time one of the kids won a race—every single time—it put a smile on my face, no matter how big or small the win.

(15.) Referring back to Twitter and how everything began for you as a sports broadcaster, a large part of your life is media driven. Do you ever just shut it all down for 24 hours and take a break?
I try to do that when I can. I meditate and I practice Reiki. Both of those things really center me and keep me grounded and relaxed. As for shutting Twitter down, I’m not sure what the longest amount of time I’ve gone offline has been. Not sure I could hold out a full day…perhaps someone should challenge me.

(16.) Do you have any pets or do you like animals?
If so, what is your favorite and why? I don’t have any pets currently, though I wish I could have one! Living alone in NYC means that you have very little space (not fair to keep a dog cooped up in an apartment all day) and with my insane schedule, I’m not home enough to give a pet the attention it deserves. Though I love them, I’m sadly allergic to cats and most dogs…would love to own a horse one day—I think they’re such incredible creatures!

(17.) Where do you see yourself five years from now? Are there any goals you have yet to achieve?
Five years ago, if you had asked me where I saw myself, I wouldn’t have said here. I think that goals are always changing, as we change…that’s the beauty of life! I’d love to be hosting my own show in a few years, but my ultimate goal is to be happy doing whatever I am doing. Wouldn’t mind meeting a nice guy either.

(18.) What one word describes you and why?
Tenacious. I don’t take “no” for an answer, and I have never given up, despite some pretty difficult times. I think my crazy journey to get to where I am now is an example of that. Just kept pushing and always believing that I could do whatever I put my mind to. That’s what my parents taught me from a very young age, and I’m beyond grateful for that.

(19.) Who would you recommend for the next Sports Babe of The Day feature?
I’d have to recommend my girl Tina Cervasio, the sideline reporter for the NBA’s NY Knicks and the NY Red Bulls (MLS). If you’re looking for beauty, brains, and sports knowledge…she’s your gal!

(20.) How do you want to be remembered?
As someone who was true to herself and found success in following her passion, and who inspired others to do the same. At the very least I’d want to be remembered as the girl who made people smile 🙂

What will Erin conquer next? Only time will tell, but we’ll certainly be drooling – er, watching – from the sidelines. If you’re as enthralled by her as we are (and we KNOW you are), then be sure to follow @ErinSharoni on Twitter, because one thing is for certain: this verified babe is going all the way to the top!

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