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Sports Marketing

Although originally geared for members to create their own sports blog, Sports Rants added a new twist in 2013 by introducing a brand new site-wide initiative to roll out sport specific content under the Sports Rants Brand.

While members would still have the opportunity to create sports blogs, Sports Rants expanded to also accept applications to join their Contributor Team. This provided sports writing jobs for writer either currently working in the sports media industry or who wanted to start out in the sports media industry and had a talent for writing.

Sports Rants writers can generate revenue via their own affiliate advertising network relationships. Sports Rants allows them to keep 100% of their ad revenue generated by relationships with these affiliate networks and by adhering to Sports Rants’ terms and conditions.

The content marketing initiative implemented by their Miami Marketing company allowed the writers to build visibility for their work and recognition with the Sports Rants brand.

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For information about the position as a Sports Rants Contributor read this

According to Sports Rants, contributors have a number of sections they can choose to contribute to:

Choose from one of our current sections (You can contribute to up to 3 sports/sections | 1 minimum):
Sports Rants NFL, Sports Rants NBA, Sports Rants NHL, Sports Rants MLB, Sports Rants Europe (soccer, rugby, cricket, major sports), Sports Rants Canada (CFL, Hockey, Canadian Sports, major sports), Sports Rants Fantasy (Fantasy Sports section launching in March), Sports Rants Women, Sports Rants Racing, Sports Rants Impact or Sports Rants Gaming and Sports Rants College